Ben Carson a supporter of Donald Trump on Tuesday was near the Cleveland GOP National Convention. He compared a person who is transgender to someone who decided one morning that he or she has decided to be an Afghan after reading books or watching movies about Afghanistan.

Carson, with applause from attendees, spoke at the Florida delegation breakfast on Tuesday saying that for thousands of years we have know what a man is as well as what a women is, adding that now people do not know that any longer.

He called that the height of absurdity. He added that today you can feel as if you are a woman, even though genetically everything says you are a man.

He went on to say that it would be just the same as if one day you woke up after watching a movie related to Afghanistan or read books about the country and decided your were now an Afghan.

He continued by saying that the person knows they do not look Afghan and that their ancestors were from Sweden, but that does not matter he or she is really an Afghan.

He concluded by saying that if anyone says I am not Afghan than they are racists.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has proposed separate bathrooms for the people that call themselves transgender, and has made statements that are controversial about issues pertaining to the LGBT community in the past as well.

In May, guidance was issued by the White House administration directing all public schools to allow students who are transgender to use the bathroom that match the gender they identify with.

A letter written jointly by the Departments of Justice and Education was sent to schools along with guidelines to help ensure transgender students receive a non-discriminatory and supportive school environment, said the Obama administration.

Carson went on to say that he is disturbed that secular progressives have been attempting to make issues related to transgender an issue of civil rights.

He said anytime secular progressive want people to come to their support they return to the movement of civil rights and say the issue is a civil rights one, but he claims it is not one for civil rights.

People must stand up, added Carson. We need to be willing to call people out for this stuff that is absolutely ridiculous.