Donald Trump accepted the GOP presidential nomination Thursday night with a vehement appeal to the Americans who feel their country has spiraled out of control and wants a leader who takes an aggressive and even extreme means to give them protection.

Trump, who is 70 a developer of real estate from New York and a television star in the reality show field, leveraged his forceful persona and fame to become a rare political outsider leading a ticket for one of the major parties, drew huge cheers at the national convention Thursday night while delivering his fiery acceptance speech.

With a near angry tone, Trump portrayed the U.S. as diminished and humiliated. He offered himself as the savior to the nation’s woes who would resurrect the standing of the country in the eyes of Americans and even its enemies.

He said that the country was in crisis due to attacks on police, terrorism in cities, which threaten our way of life. He added that any politician that cannot grasp the danger at hand is not fit to lead the U.S.

Trump was close to shouting names of states in which police officers were killed recently while the crowd applauded loudly. He returned numerous times to the major theme of his speech: Law and order, which he repeated four times and each time drawing the syllables out even more.

Trump’s speech was a big departure from optimistic talk of possibilities in America that have been characteristic of presidential candidates from the Republican Party since the party was redefined by Ronald Reagan more than 30 years ago.

In his promotion of hard line views on immigration, hostile nations and crime, Trump has wagered that the American voters would embrace that style of populism as well as his promises of safety.

However his speech, which was the longest at 75 minutes since 1972, had little new in offerings to Hispanics, blacks, women and others who Trump’s incendiary brand of speech have turned off.

He did not speak of abortion, a big issue amongst many Republicans. Trump challenged the orthodoxy in the Republican Party by promising to end the multilateral trade deals while limiting the interventions by the U.S. in global crises.

It appeared Trump made some headway in unifying at the very least some the Republicans attending the convention. The close to full arena was rapt during Trump’s speech and when he started to discuss illegal immigrations there was the now familiar chant of build the wall.