The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton has alleged that hackers in Russia have been leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee that are critical of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in their effort to help Republican Donald Trump win November’s election.

This comes following the changes to the platform of the Republicans making it that much more pro-Russian, said Robby Mook on Sunday.

He added that he did not think there was a coincidence that the emails were released on the night before the Democratic National Convention started and he called is disturbing.

The DNC previously was hacked by Guccifer 2.0 that might have been tied to Russians.

That hacker stole research by the opposition on Donald Trump from the servers of the DNC this past June. Two separate cyberattack groups that were linked to Russian intelligence were in the networks of the DNC.

Mook pointed to the position by Trump on NATO that he would not necessarily give aid to allies that were not contributing sufficient financially to its parent organization and he argued that position would help Russia across Eastern Europe.

Mook added that when all this put together it gives a disturbing picture and that voters must reflect on it.

The campaign for Donald Trump seized on the comments by Mook using them to then attack Clinton saying that she would say and do anything to come out on top.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of the GOP nominee bashed the comments by Mook. He called them lies after lies.

In addition, he said the lies and other nonsense in an attempt to gain political capital was outrageous and that Mook should be ashamed. He added that if a Republican were to do that they would be calling for the electric chair to be used.

Paul Manafort the chairman for the Trump campaign said on television Sunday that any claims of assistance from Russia to the efforts by Trump to become president are absurd.

Manafort added that Trump is discussing failed leadership of the Obama administration and that what Mook was trying to claim was crazy.

Mook downplayed a possibility that the release of emails would create new divides between the supporters of Sanders and Clinton only hours before the Democratic National Conventions starts in Philadelphia.

The DNC must take appropriate action and Mook said he was confident they would.