In what has been called an extraordinary denunciation of the competence and temperament of Donald Trump, President Barack Obama has urged the Republican Party leaders to withdraw their support for the candidacy of Trump, flatly saying he is unfit to serve as the 45th president of the nation.

While speaking from the White House’s East Room, as Trump was rallying supporters in a suburb of Virginia, Obama noted the criticism by the Republicans of Trump for the attacks he made on an American soldiers Muslim parents.

However, Obama said that political recriminations from GOP members ring hallow if the leaders of the party continue supporting the campaign of Trump.

Obama continued by saying that the question Republican leaders need to ask themselves is, if repeatedly you must say in harsh terms what he is saying is unacceptable, why is the party continuing to endorse him.

Obama added that what does that say about the party that Trump is the standard bearer.

The condemnation of Trump by the president and his appeal directly to the leaders of the Republicans to abandon Trump, were stunning.

Obama seemed intent and eager to move past his prior interventions in the campaign, which include forceful rejections of Trump’s statements as well as policy proposals.

One presidential historian said the comments made by Obama were nearly unprecedented and highly unusual. He said the last time that a sitting president has been so openly critical of a presidential candidate from the other party, was during 1953, when President Truman mocked Dwight Eisenhower as not knowing more about the world of politics that a pig does about Sunday.

The historian summarized his comments by saying that all this was a reflection of how dangerous and radical that Obama feels Trump is.

Using the backdrop of a new conference, he was sharing with Lee Hsein Loong the Prime Minister of Singapore, Obama suggested that Trump would not be able to abide by the rules and norms and common sense. He questions if Trump would even observe basic decency, should he be in the Oval Office one day.

Obama said if he had lost in both 2008 and 2012, he would have been highly disappointed, but added he did not ever doubt if his rivals with the Republicans during those races including John McCain and Mitt Romney could function like a president or had knowledge of what to do.

As Obama condemned Trump, the Republican was unaware of the president remarks and criticized repeatedly his opponent with the Democrats.