SodaStream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) reached a new 52-week high during trading on Thursday . The company traded as high as $29.53 and last traded at $29.10, with a volume of 167,425 shares. The stock had previously closed at $28.84.

A number of equities research analysts have commented on the stock. Jefferies Group restated a “hold” rating and set a $31.00 target price on shares of SodaStream International in a research note on Wednesday, August 3rd. Roth Capital cut shares of SodaStream International from a “buy” rating to a “neutral” rating and lifted their price objective for the company from $22.00 to $33.00 in a research report on Wednesday, August 3rd. Zacks Investment Research upgraded shares of SodaStream International from a “hold” rating to a “strong-buy” rating and set a $32.00 price objective on the stock in a research report on Friday, August 5th. Finally, Susquehanna reiterated a “neutral” rating on shares of SodaStream International in a research report on Tuesday, June 21st. Six equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the stock. The company presently has an average rating of “Hold” and a consensus target price of $24.00.

The firm has a market capitalization of $622.88 million and a PE ratio of 32.74. The firm’s 50-day moving average price is $24.05 and its 200-day moving average price is $17.96.

SodaStream International (NASDAQ:SODA) last issued its earnings results on Tuesday, August 2nd. The company reported $0.37 EPS for the quarter, beating the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $0.21 by $0.16. During the same quarter in the prior year, the company earned $0.17 EPS. The firm earned $119.20 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $105.72 million. SodaStream International’s quarterly revenue was up 19.4% on a year-over-year basis. On average, equities research analysts predict that SodaStream International Ltd. will post $1.03 EPS for the current year.

SodaStream International Ltd. (SodaStream) is a sparkling water company. The Company manufactures, distributes and sells home beverage carbonation systems, which enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavored sparkling water. The Company’s segments include The Americas, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA).