Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has given his campaign a major overhaul with less than three full months before Election Day adding a pair of new officials to the top posts overseeing his campaign that can be described as struggling.

Steven Bannon, the Breitbart News executive chairman and a former investment banker, was named by Trump to CEO of the campaign. Trump also promoted Kellyanne Conway, a pollster and senior advisor as his campaign manager. Early Wednesday morning Conway confirmed her position.

Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman of Trump’s campaign and its chief strategist will remain as the chairman of the campaign said Conway.

Conway said that she did not see anything more than expanding the campaign since Paul was remaining on as the chairman.

This news comes as tensions have been mounting inside the campaign of Trump over recent weeks and as the relationship between Trump and Manafort soured to a point where many people with ties to the campaign warned a major shakeup in staff was imminent.

This shakeup follows a number of weeks of unpleasant headlines and alarming numbers in polls for Trump who trails Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in almost every one of the key battleground states while lagging in the most recent national polls as well.

Trump said he wanted to win and that was why he brought one more fantastic people that love to win and know how to win.

This shakeup is the second major one in the top echelons of the billionaire’s campaign.

Trump just two months ago had to fire Corey Lewandowski his campaign manager after there were weeks of speculation of internal fighting between Manafort and Lewandowski.

As the shakeup in the campaign neared, aides in the campaign pointed fingers at one another, the pollsters quarreled over the strategy and friction between Manafort and Trump.

During the past few days, both Trump as well as Manafort discussed problems each was having with one another of recent.

One close associate made a description of Trump as being frustrated with the race, leveling complaints that he was a victim of bad advice he was given by his team.

A number of people who are in touch with the Republican nominee or his advisors over recent days said the two heard there was a big shakeup ready.