Sources say that Donald Trump the Republican Party presidential nominee is planning to announce a huge shift next week in his immigration policy.

The candidate met on Saturday with leaders from the Hispanic community who said he had regretted his prior comments made early in his campaign about Mexicans.

The presidential nominee is planning to present his full plan on immigration on Thursday in Colorado.

The plan would include finding a way that would legalize millions of immigrants who are undocumented according to three sources who were in attendance at the meeting between the Hispanic leaders and Trump in New York at Trump Tower on Saturday.

One lawyer who was in attendance said he liked that the GOP candidate had acknowledged there was a huge problem with the 11 million people in the country who are undocumented and that deporting them is neither humane nor possible.

If this report is true, Trump’s new plan would be in sharp contrast to the previous statements he has made about immigration throughout his campaign.

During the Republican primaries, Trump promised to construct a wall between the U.S. and Mexico border and deport all immigrants that were undocumented.

This possible reversal in his policy of immigration would not be with precedent. Trump has already shifted his positions over a variety of different issues in this campaign including from taxes to banning Muslims, abortion and minimum wages.

Polls now show that Trump had alienated many of the minority voters and strategists with the Republican Party urging him to control his rhetoric about immigrants, in specific Hispanics that now represent a growing number of registered voters equal to about 10% of the electorate in November.

A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee was present during the meeting with Hispanic leaders and confirmed that Trump was working on the unveiling of his immigration plan.

The spokesperson said that Trump insisted on seeking fair reform in immigration and wants to hear from everyone while saying his conclusions will be announced in the coming days.

Trump said to the group of Hispanic leaders, who are conservatives, that he would announce a plan that would grant legal status that would not amount to citizenship but would give them the right to be here without having a fear of being deported.

Thus far, no details of this plan have been provided by Trump’s campaign and a spokesperson for the campaign said that the position Trump has on immigrations is unchanged.