Hillary Clinton, collecting millions of dollars of contributions for her campaign, kicked of the second day of her fundraising earlier this week in California when she stopped at the home of Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel located in Hollywood Hills.

Amongst the supporters that numbered over 100 who dished out $33.400 each for the lunch, were actors Tobey Maguire, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston.

Hillary Clinton continued talking about her belief that America is stronger together, when everyone works together to solve the country’s problems and when everyone can share the rewards.

Clinton also said that Donald Trump has shown he is unfit and not qualified to be the president.

The luncheon event was just the third of eight of these types of fundraisers for the Clinton campaign and for different Democratic organizations that Clinton headlined during her swing of three days across California.

The night before, Magic Johnson the former NBA star and now highly successful businessman and Cookie his wife, held a reception in their backyard, which several hundred people attended.

She was terrific said on Democratic lobbyist who scoffed at the latest rumors that have been spread by Trump and many of his supporters that the health of Clinton is bad.

Amongst attendees at the reception held by Johnson were Mayor Eric Garcetti, Senator Barbara Boxer, Antonio Villaraigosa the former Mayor, and a number of members of the House of Representatives, California legislators and actors including Samuel L. Jackson.

Clinton late on Monday attended a dinner that was much more intimate at Haim Saban’s home. Saban, an entertainment mogul and wife Cheryl held the dinner for just 100 attendees who paid $50,000 apiece to attend.

After her luncheon on Tuesday, Clinton had two more fundraisers she attended in the Laguna Beach area and one near the Bay Area.

Clinton has moved well ahead of Trump in the most recent polls and has had a great deal of strength across California.

The most recent polls showed her leading Trump by as many as 12 points, as Trump has had to shuffle leadership in his campaign and try to win back voters that he had just after the Republican National Convention held last month when he actually was leading Clinton by a couple of percentage points.