On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that last week he took a physical exam. He said he would release results of the exam when they become available, as the health of both he and Hillary Clinton has been pushed to the forefront of the presidential campaign of 2016, following the pneumonia diagnosis recently of Clinton.

During his interview on Fox News, Trump said that health was an issue now in the presidential campaign.

This past week he said he took a physical and when the numbers become available, he will be releasing them. He said he hopes those numbers come back good.

Trump was scheduled previously to appear Thursday on the Dr. Oz Show, along with Ivanka his daughter though it is not clear what the details are related to that appearance.

Trump addressed the medical situation of his biggest rival Clinton by saying he hoped she gets better soon after she had to leave a memorial service for 9/11 on Sunday.

That episode led to her presidential campaign to reveal that she was diagnosed last Friday with pneumonia.

Trump when asked the cause of Clinton’s episode said he did not know and that he hoped she would get well soon.

I am similar to you, I do not know the details, said Trump. He added that he has only seen what everyone else has. The fit of coughing last week was likely the pneumonia he said.

The fitness of Trump as president has been given some scrutiny of last in addition to the health of Clinton. Trump and surrogates have questions, as questions about the stamina and overall health of Clinton since the start of the campaign have circulated.

Trump’s health has also been questioned followed reports in the media into Dr. Harold Bornstein his physician and a note in 2015 that he wrote vouching for the health of the real estate billionaire, which some doctors said includes terms that are medically incorrect and a conclusion that is unprofessional.

As the election is less than two months away, the health issue of Clinton could become something that sways some voters. Nevertheless, her campaign will be defending her health and saying on repeated occasions moving forward that her problem on Sunday was related to her pneumonia and that she will be perfectly healthy once that has cleared up.