President Barack Obama returned to the presidential campaign trail after seven weeks off by attacking Donald Trump with what might be the harshest language to date.

Obama directed his words straight at Trump, a name he usually skates around with his policy speeches. He said the nominee for the Republicans was not fit to represent the U.S. abroad or be its commander in chief.

The president said on Tuesday that the rival of Hillary Clinton has a vision for America that is pessimistic, dark and is against the values he says the U.S. represents.

Obama also reiterated what he spoke about at the conventions by affirming his belief Clinton is the only individual in the campaign that is poised to take on the role of being president. He added that he did not believe there was another male or female more qualified to serve the U.S. as president.

The remarks by Obama have come at just the right time for the nominee whose week started rocky after almost fainting Monday and keeping her health and whereabouts a mystery, while spending two straight days at home resting while battling pneumonia.

At the same time, Trump and his supporters are hitting out at Clinton over her remarks at a fundraiser a week ago where she said as many as 50% of Trump’s supporters were in a basket she called deplorables and described them as homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, racist and Islamaphobic.

Earlier this week, during an event while in Baltimore Trump said Clinton’s remarks revealed her true thoughts.

He said she had shown that she looks down on the citizens of the U.S. as subjects she can rule over.

Obama admitted the campaign season has been frustrating for him in large part due to the way both Trump and Clinton have been treated by the media.

He griped about the criticism that Clinton had taken during the entire campaign stemming from the email server she used as secretary of state and a lack of transparency.

Obama also said that Trump has attempted to turn this campaign into what he called a reality show and does not realize the magnitude the position of President of the United States holds.

The GOP nominee was a big target for Obama, who added that Trump is not a plans type of guy, or a facts type of guy, and even brought into question Trump’s business sense.