Some of the biggest donors to the Republican Party on Thursday called on the Republican National Committee to cut its ties with Donald Trump the party’s presidential nominee following the highly controversial claims of sexual misconduct and the recent recording of Trump leaked during the week.

A group of contributors to the party said that it was time the party stopped being affiliated with Trump and to focus on those representing the core conservative values of the party.

A Missouri businessman David Humphreys who has given over $2 million to the GOP over the past four years, said that at some point one had to look at the mirror and recognize you cannot justify supporting Trump to your own children, especially your daughters.

Bruce Kovner, an investor and philanthropist from New York has donated close to $3 million to the GOP and had sentiments that were similar to those of Humphreys.

Kovner said Trump was a dangerous demagogue who was unsuited for the responsibilities of being the President of the United States.

Though the November election was just days away, Kovner is hoping the RNC would shift attention to those reflecting the core conservative values of the party.

One donor even switched to supporting a candidate from a third party for the election.

Julian Robertson Jr., a hedge fund investor worth billions had donated over $5 million to the GOP since 2012, but a spokesperson for the billionaire said he was not backing Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate.

The revolt follows the release of a report during the week that said two major donors for the GOP had asked to have their money back after backing Trump originally.

Two emails were circulated where a pair of GOP donors requested that their donations be returned saying they had been offended by the leaked audio where Trump makes negative remarks towards women.

One donor wrote that as a father of a pair of daughters he was repulsed by Trump’s comments related to women.

He added that he regretted attending a support event for Trump and allowing his son to take part in it and respectively wanted the donation money to be returned.

The other large donor said he had been mortified by the tape and could not support a man who was sexist. The donor added that his refund should be processed immediately.

Though from the outside it might appear that support had dwindled, as of Wednesday morning 38 GOP senators remained supporting Trump or did not make any move publicly to withdraw prior support of him.