There is a point where everyone, regardless of their party affiliation or the lack of, wants to run from this year’s election. That may not be entirely true, but if an online survey performed by the American Psychological Association is true, then it might be truer than not.

The survey showed that 52% of adults in the U.S. tell pollsters that the election of 2016 is somewhat or very stressful. This survey was carried out online amongst adults that were 18 or older and lived in the U.S.

For the last 10 years, the survey – Stress in America – has examined the way stress affects the well-being and health of adults in the U.S.

Prior to this year’s release of the complete survey, that will be early next year, data was highlighted by the APA that points to stress levels amongst Americans related to this year’s presidential election.

The data showed that it does not matter if a person is registered as a Republican or Democrat, U.S. adults in general said they were experiencing substantial stress due to the ongoing election.

Across the party lines, those who are registered as Democrats over 55% are likely to say this election is a somewhat or very significant source of their stress, while Republicans report 59%.

The results of the survey are far from definitive. The poll is conducted online with more caveats that are taken prior to the most recent turmoil in the race for the White House.

However, one psychologist said that if people believed the status quo was changing radically then they would take their monies out of the market, stop spending on certain major purchases, but they are likely just feeling concerned and that is much different than panic.

What is important is that people do get out and vote as a democracy is where the voice of a citizen can be heard through their vote.

By doing that one carries out a proactive step and participating in what for most has been a very stressful election season.

It is important that one does not get caught up in all the propaganda that is going on through the Internet. By finding the most reliable source of information that is non-partisan, the voter can make the most well informed decision before going to the polls on November 8.