Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s ugly presidential campaign is nearing its end. Both candidates will take the stage on Wednesday for the final primetime debate.

For Trump, this debate could be his last stand at attempting to turn around a race for the White House that appears as if it is slipping away from his grasp.

His predatory comments regarding women and numerous accusations of sexual assault have increased his unpopularity amongst women and lessened his chances of a victory.

Trump’s supporters remain very loyal, but few signs have appeared that he is attracting any new supporters that he is in desperate need of.

Clinton is facing her own challenges. While the current electoral map is leaning in her favor, Clinton has faced new rounds of questions and doubts over her trustworthiness and authenticity, concerns she has faced throughout her campaign.

The hacking of emails of her top adviser for the campaign revealed that she was averse to making apologies, strikes a different tone in while in private than when in public and makes certain decisions only after long political deliberations.

The final debate of three, the contest on Wednesday will be in Las Vegas and comes with less than three weeks until Election Day. Early voting has already started in a number of battleground states.

Trump has been leaning more and more on his brazen strategy in the closing weeks of his campaign, including making charges that the election is rigged, despite there being no evidence of any broad voter fraud in presidential elections of the past.

He also has said that Clinton intimidated and attacked the women who were involved with former president Bill Clinton her husband.

Mr. Clinton was never charged for any crimes related to his encounters though he settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

Trump will have Malik Obama, the half brother of President Barack Obama as a guest at the debate. Clinton will have Mark Cuban a billionaire, who has frequently criticized Trump, as well as Meg Whitman the CEO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

A spokesperson for Clinton said the presidential nominee would be ready for any tactics that Trump will try in the final debate.

Republicans are desperately hoping that Trump is able to close his campaign by stressing the weaknesses of Clinton a strategy some concede privately might not be sufficient for him to pull out a victory at this point of the campaign, but could help candidates for the GOP Senate races salvage their places.