On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump announced the appointment of Kellyanne Conway as his counselor to the president. The position is one of power within Trump’s administration that has been facing much criticism over being male and too white.

Of the 26 staff named at the White House or as cabinet members to date, just six, and that includes Conway, have been women. Conway is the only female in a top staff position in the White House joining Steve Bannon the chief strategist and Reince Priebus the chief of staff.

Trump’s administration in announcing Conway’s role praised her as shattering the glass ceiling for women through being the first manager of a presidential campaign that won the election, who is female.

 The longtime strategist with the GOP, who became respected in Republicans politics partly through being a pollster that specialized in GOP women, has never shied away from speaking about her gender.

Conway once said that she was a female consultant in the GOP, which meant when she walked into a meeting of the Republican National Committee or somewhere else, she always felt as if she were walking into a locker room bachelor party at an Elks Club.

However, last week, Conway appeared to acknowledge the other side of being a female in politics, having to juggle a high-stress nonstop job with the demands that come from being a parent of four children, could have kept her from being in the White House.

However, on Thursday, she insisted there would be enough room for her family and her new position at the White House.

She called Trump gracious, a gentleman and said he was about family. So, she said she was not worried about whether or not the Trump White House will be family friendly.

Many have said that Conway was successful in reigning in and guiding an often uncontrollable and unpredictable Trump who was prone to making damaging outbursts.

During an interview in October, Conway described her strategy in dealing with the penchant that Trump has for controversial tweets in terms of curbing the sweet tooth of a child.

She said that she offered a few good things to tweet each day like she would offer a child only two brownies instead of the six he or she wanted.

Conway expects her White House role is going to be a little of everything or whatever Trump want it to be.