The nation’s capital is expected to be filled with hundreds of thousands of observers who will attend the inauguration of the 45th U.S. president Donald Trump.

While the vast majority are in Washington to celebrate the big event, some of them will be protesters and are planning to do all they can to disrupt the events of the day.

A coalition that calls itself the DisruptJ20, after the inauguration date, says that people participating in actions its organized will try to shut down or at least cause delays at different checkpoints entering the location of the inauguration ceremony.

The intention is blocking the checkpoints, which said organizers could results in the risk of being arrested.

The goal is massive protests and shutting down the ceremony if possible, but if not, then to make it as difficult as possible for the new president to start his term.

One event being held by the protesters will be a march that will start outside Union Station at Columbus Circle. Participants in that have been asked to arrive at noon, which is the time Trump will be sworn in.

The march, which its organizers have called Festival of Resistance, will be 1.5 miles long and end three blocks from the White House at McPherson Square. At the square, a rally is to be held with Michael Moore a liberal activist and filmmaker on hand.

Along the office route of the parade, Trump will likely see many demonstrations. ANSWER Coalition an anti-war organization is going to demonstrate in two places along the route.

Protesters as well as Trump supporters clashed Thursday night outside an event in the capital for Trump. Police had to use chemical spray on a few of the protesters while trying to bring the unruly crowd under control.

The demonstrations will not end when the new president takes office. A huge women’s march is planned in Washington for Saturday. The event’s organizers estimate that 200,000 people are going to attend the event.

The homeland security director for Washington, D.C., Christopher Geldart said that 1,800 buses registered to park Saturday in the city, which means close to 100,000 people were arrive by bus.

These protests are not something new. Both of the inaugurations of Richard Nixon drew huge protests and a recent inauguration of George W. Bush in 2001 saw protesters turn their backs as the presidential limousine passed by.