The White House administration is preparing to battle in court for the immigration order of President Donald Trump after a Seattle federal judge halted it nationwide on Friday.

The decision on Friday set up the U.S. for a second consecutive weekend of uncertainty across the country over the ban, but this time with the new White House administration on the defense.

A federal judge, who was appointed by George W. Bush, and who presides in the state of Washington, temporarily stopped the executive order.

At that time, airlines were altered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that the government would quickly start reinstating visas previously canceled and that the CBP advised its airlines that refugees in possession of visas to enter the U.S. would be admitted as well, said an executive with an airline.

However, the White House countered quickly by calling the judge’s order outrageous and dropping the word again in its second statement.

The Justice Department will file an emergency stay at the earliest time possible in defense of the President’s executive order, which the administration believes is appropriate and lawful, said Sean Spicer the Press Secretary at the White House.

The order by Trump that he signed a week ago suspended the immigration from 7 countries that are Muslim-majority for a 90-day period, suspended the refugee program for 120 days and halted for an indefinite period the entering of Syrian refugees into the U.S.

The judge’s ruling might have stung the Trump administration even more due to it coming on the heels of victory in a legal battle over the travel ban.

Just hours earlier, a Boston federal judge issued a ruling that was more limited that declined to renew a restraining order in the state, which would have made it prohibitive to detain or remove foreign travelers who had been authorized legally to come to Boston.

However, the sweeping ruling in Seattle had the White House scrambling.

This is what we want said an attorney representing families that have been detained in the U.S. the past few days.

The attorney added that he would take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be.

It is expected that an appeal would be filed early Saturday morning of the judge’s ruling.

Democrats gave their praise of the order by the Seattle judge, calling it a victory for the U.S. Constitution.