President Trump Wants the Largest Nuclear Arsenal

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that he wanted to ensure that the nuclear arsenal of the U.S. was “top of the pack.”

He said the U.S. has dropped behind in weapons capacity.

During an interview with Reuters, Trump said that China could solve the challenge of national security quite easily that is posed by the secretive country of North Korea.

The comment increased the pressure on Beijing to help rein in the actions being taken by Pyongyang.

In addition, Trump gave his support to the European Union, saying he was completely in favor of the governing body.

For just the first time, Trump said he preferred a two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. However, he did say he would end up satisfied with any decision that makes both sides happy.

The president predicted that efforts he has made to pressure allies from NATO into paying more for their individual defenses and ease the U.S. budget burden would end up paying dividends.

Commenting about the nuclear arsenal of the U.S. for the first time since becoming the president, Trump said the U.S. must strengthen and grow its nuclear capacity until a time when everyone else in the world is able to come to their senses over nukes.

Trump added that he wants a world in which there are no nuclear weapons but is concerned that the U.S. had dropped behind on its weapons capacity.

Russia has over 7,000 nuclear warheads to just 6,800 for the U.S. shows data from a group that is anti-nuclear Ploughshares Fund.

New START treaty, which is the latest strategic arms treaty, between Russia and the U.S. requires that no later than February of 2018 both nations must keep their number of strategic nuclear weapons to levels in existence a decade ago.

This treaty allows both nations to have only 800 deployed as well as non-deployed land-based and submarine launched missile launchers along with heavy bombers that are equipped to haul nuclear weapons.

Analysts are questioning if Trump wants to abrogate the New START agreement or would start deploying other new warheads.

Trump reiterated that he feels the New START agreement was one-sided.

He added that it was just one more bad deal made by the country, similar to the one with Iran. He added that the U.S. would start making good deals.

Trump complained as well that the deployment by Russia of cruise missile that is ground based was a violation of a treaty signed in 1987.