Arweave 1-Day Volume Tops $42.40 Million (AR)

Arweave (AR) traded up 1.4% against the US dollar during the one day period ending at 17:00 PM Eastern on January 25th. One Arweave coin can currently be bought for about $10.38 or 0.00044053 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the last seven days, Arweave has traded up 18.6% against the US dollar. Arweave has a market capitalization of $346.79 million and approximately $42.40 million worth of Arweave was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Here is how similar cryptocurrencies have performed over the last 24 hours:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) traded up 2.9% against the dollar and now trades at $23,573.04 or 1.00000000 BTC.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) traded up 1.8% against the dollar and now trades at $132.71 or 0.00562989 BTC.
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) traded down 6.3% against the dollar and now trades at $40.47 or 0.00171664 BTC.
  • eCash (XEC) traded 3.9% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.0000 or 0.00000000 BTC.
  • Syscoin (SYS) traded 1% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.16 or 0.00000660 BTC.

About Arweave

Arweave is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. It was first traded on July 13th, 2018. Arweave’s total supply is 63,190,435 coins and its circulating supply is 33,394,701 coins. Arweave’s official website is Arweave’s official message board is Arweave’s official Twitter account is @arweaveteam and its Facebook page is accessible here. The Reddit community for Arweave is and the currency’s Github account can be viewed here.

According to CryptoCompare, “Arweave is a decentralized storage network that seeks to offer a platform for the indefinite storage of data. Describing itself as “a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets,” the network primarily hosts “the permaweb” — a permanent, decentralized web with a number of community-driven applications and platforms.The Arweave network uses a native cryptocurrency, AR, to pay “miners” to indefinitely store the network's information.The project was first announced as Archain in August 2017, later rebranding to Arweave in February 2018 and officially launching in June 2018.The core technology that powers the Arweave is the blockweave. Just as a blockchain is a linked collection of blocks containing transactions, a blockweave — specifically designed for the Arweave protocol — is a set of blocks that contain data, linking to multiple previous blocks from the network. This data structure allows the network to an enforce that miners provide a ‘Proof of Access’ (PoA) to old data in order to add new blocks.Unlike in a traditional blockchain, where miners are forced to expend electricity in order to earn tokens, in the Arweave network miners are also encouraged to replicate valuable data (the information stored in the network) in order to gain tokens. This mechanism offsets the value that is normally wasted in blockchain networks, with useful, energy efficient storage of data.”

Buying and Selling Arweave

It is usually not presently possible to purchase alternative cryptocurrencies such as Arweave directly using U.S. dollars. Investors seeking to acquire Arweave should first purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as Coinbase, Gemini or Changelly. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to purchase Arweave using one of the aforementioned exchanges.

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