State Politics

Mayor of Santa Fe Is Face of Sanctuary Cities in the U.S.

The Hispanic mayor in the oldest state capital in the nation is now the public face of the country’s sanctuary cities following the presidential election victory by Donald Trump. Last week Javier Gonzales denounced the renewed vows by president-elect Trump to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and his promises made during his campaign to withhold […]

Millions Raised by Hillary Clinton Across California

Hillary Clinton, collecting millions of dollars of contributions for her campaign, kicked of the second day of her fundraising earlier this week in California when she stopped at the home of Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel located in Hollywood Hills. Amongst the supporters that numbered over 100 who dished out $33.400 each for the […]

Larry Hogan Republican Governor of Maryland Will Not Vote Trump

Larry Hogan the Governor of Maryland and a Republican returned to Prince George’s County on Wednesday, the place he was raised and where he tasted politics for the first time while working on campaigns of his father. The Maryland governor officially went to the stronghold of the Democrats to announce the funding of many road […]

Kentucky Lawmaker: Men Need Note from Wife to Buy Viagra

Tired from what she said is the government inserting itself into the private lives of women, a lawmaker in Kentucky has said she will return the favor. Democrat Mary Lou Marzian from Louisville has introduced a measure that would force males who want to use drugs for erectile dysfunction to have to do a number […]

Ohio State Senator Has Asked If Mothers Can Become Lawmakers

Jennifer Herold is a mother of two and a candidate for the 7th House district seat of the Ohio legislature. The Republican is an occupational therapist and has two issues on her campaign platform: funds for public schools and awareness of mental health. However, her opponent, Tom Patton the incumbent is receiving attention for another […]

Governor of Maine in Racially Charged Dialogue Over Drug Epidemic

Paul LePage the Governor of Maine used language that was racially charged to accuse people that are from outside his state of fueling an epidemic of substance abuse, then fleeing to their home after they have impregnated a young girl who is white. Asked during a town hall meeting about what his current administration was […]

Police: Juneau, Alaska Mayor Found Dead

The just elected mayor of Alaska’s capital of Juneau, Stephen Greg Fisk on Monday was found dead, said Juneau Police. The city’s police department said that the adult son of Fisk called 911 to report he found his father dead inside his home located in the city. When authorities arrived, they pronounced Fisk dead at […]

Spies, Prostitutes and Thugs All A Part of Race for Governor in Louisiana

Charges then countercharges involving spies, prostitutes, terrorist and thugs have dominated the final stretch run of the raucous race for the governor of Louisiana that was until just recently, was expected to be a landslide win for David Vitter a Republican Senator. The spies and prostitutes have been the main undoing of Vitter. His opponents […]

Mayor of Baltimore Not Seeking Reelection

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake the mayor of Baltimore who has been under great criticism since riots ripped through her city this past April, will announce on Friday that she is not seeking reelection in 2016, a spokesperson for City Hall announced. The development came as a big surprise at a time when Baltimore is preparing for the […]

Bill Would Add Cigarette Tax of $2.00 in California

A measure introduced on Wednesday in the California Senate would raise the cigarette tax in the state by $2 a pack. The hike supporters said would help to curb the number of smoking deaths, but critics said it would place more needless burden on small business and the consumer. Richard Pan a state senator from Sacramento […]

Resolution for Bibles Inside Public Schools Passed by GOP

The Republican Party in Idaho wants the public schools to have the option of including Bible in their curriculum. That is what the contents of a resolution that the party passed during a summer meeting say. The Executive Director of the Republican Party David Johnston said the Bible would be used in a number of […]

Iowans Listen to Field of Candidates from GOP

Christian conservative voters are pleased to find nearly too many options from the GOP. That myriad of choices is a wonder dilemma said voters on Saturday in Iowa and was on display as hopefuls from the GOP attempted woo evangelicals through remarks that emphasized freedom of religion and opposition to same-sex marriage. Nine who have […]

Governor of Indiana Signs Religious Objections Bill

Mike Pence the Indiana Governor vigorously defended the religious objections legislations that he signed on Thursday into law as organizations and businesses including the NCAA expressed concerns it could allow for legalizing discrimination against people who are gay. Indiana is the first state to put such a change into law this year amongst about 12 […]

Garcia Bid for Mayor Excites Hispanics

Chicago has the largest population in the U.S. of residents who were born in Mexico and one is Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. He is running for mayor and if elected he would be the first Mexican-born mayor in the history of the city. That possibility has set off interest nationwide in the mayoral race, particularly amongst […]

Christie Broke Law Judge Rules in New Jersey

In a big blow to Governor Chris Christie, a judge in New Jersey ruled Monday that the governor violated a state law after he declined a full payment into the pension system of the state last year for public employees. He was ordered to fund it at this time. The decision complicates further the hopes […]

Bob McDonnell Sentenced to Two Years Behind Bars

Bob McDonnell once had a political career that was very promising, tapped to give the Republican Party a rebuttal to the 2010 President Barack Obama State of the Union Address and considered a serious contender for the 2015 presidential race. Now the former Governor of Virginia had to watch it all crumble in front of […]

GOP Governors Readying Themselves for 2016

Six potential presidential contenders from the Republican Party spent last week walking across the grounds of a luxury resort speaking with donors and sizing up competition in the biggest field for the party in decades. Rarely did they criticize one another when in public, but subtle jabs were common. Within just hours of Chris Christie […]

Arkansas Governor Beebe Will Pardon Son

Mike Beebe the outgoing governor of Arkansas announced on Wednesday that he would pardon the felony conviction for marijuana against his son. He argued that he deserved a second change just like hundreds of nonviolent offenders. Beebe will leave office this coming January because of term limits. He will be succeeded by Asa Hutchinson the […]

Republicans Take Majority in Senate Now Control Congress

Voters have handed control of the U.S. Congress to the Republicans for the first time since 2006. The GOP will now run Congress for the remaining time President Obama is in office. The Republicans swept to a strong victory in a number of contests across the nation, retaining every GOP-held seats that were up for […]

Obama to Campaign for Gubernatorial Candidate in Maine

President Obama will head to Maine to rally voters for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, his latest in a number of appearances campaigning as the midterm elections draw closer. These appearances come after the president has been sidelined due to a low approval rating and his unpopularity of late in some states. Obama will head Thursday […]

Republicans Hope for Victory in Maine Senate

While most of the attention has been placed on the highly competitive race in Maine for governor, the state Democratic and Republican parties are as focused or even more focused on races that are not getting the attention statewide but that are seen as just as critical including those for the Maine Senate and House. […]

Governor Rick Scott Claims of Fewer Deaths by Child Abuse Are Questioned

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, has repeatedly told voters that the neglected and abused children have been safer under his Florida leadership than when Charlie Crist his opponent who is a Democrat was the governor. However, an examination by a news agency of his claim shows it might be a bit of an exaggeration. […]

First Lady of Oregon Sorry for Marrying Man for Green Card

In 1997, the current first lady of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes, received $5,000 to marry a man from Ethiopia who wanted to receive his green card. During a news conference full of tears in Portland, Oregon, Hayes said that she made a big mistake in a period of her life that was unstable and difficult. She […]

Jerry Brown Signs First Affirmative Consent Law

California Governor Jerry Brown said on Sunday that he had signed a new law making California the first state in the country to define when actually “yes means yes,” as well as adopt new requirements for all colleges and universities to follow when there is an investigation dealing with sexual assault. Last month lawmakers in […]

Tight Races in Senate Could be Influenced by Immigration

This summer when the race for the U.S. Senate heated up in Arkansas, Mark Pryor was under attack from his congressional opponent with an inaccurate and nasty ad that claimed the Democrat supported giving benefits of social security to people with forged identities who worked illegally in the U.S. Michelle Nunn a Democratic candidate in […]