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Challenges on Rollback of Climate Policies to Come

Opponents of the decision by President Donald Trump to rollback policies of climate change put in place by former President Barack Obama say they are going to organize a campaign to pursue legal means to challenge it. New York and California issued one joint statement that said they were continuing to fight climate change. Environmental […]

President Trump Creating American Innovation Office

President Donald Trump on Monday will unveil a new agency in the White House named the Office of American Innovation that will be run by Jared Kushner his son-in-law. The agency will have extensive powers of overhauling procedures at a federal level and possibly privatize certain responsibilities now held by the government, through collective ideas […]

Republicans in Senate Vote to Repeal Rules on Internet Privacy

Lawmakers from the GOP moved on Thursday to tear down landmark protections covering Internet privacy for consumers in a first decisive strike against technology and telecommunications regulations created under the Barack Obama administration and what is looked at as the beginning of more deregulation. In a vote of 50-48 that was partisan voting, the Republican […]

Sanctuary Cities Being Named by Trump Administration

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security released its initial report to the public that names counties that refused to honor requests by the federal government to detain those who are suspected of violating the U.S. immigration laws. DHS’ Immigration and Custom Enforcement or ICE issued almost 3,100 requests of that kind from January 28 […]

FBI Director Comey Testifying Monday on Russian Interference

FBI Director James Comey and Head of National Security Agency Michael Rogers will testify Monday on the conclusion reached by the intelligence community that Russia interfered win the presidential election of 2016, and they will face questions related to possible collusion between the Kremlin and associates of current President Donald Trump. The hearing will be […]

Conservative Site Only Media Outlet on Trip With Tillerson

Rex Tillerson the U.S. Secretary of State is on a trip to Asia accompanied by just one reporter, a correspondent at the White House from IJR the Independent Journal Review, on online outlet that was founded during 2012 by former political operatives who are Republican. In a prepared statement, the IJR announced on Tuesday that […]

Senator John McCain Calls for President to Clarify Claim of Wiretapping

On Sunday, Arizona Senator John McCain said that President Donald Trump should substantiate or retract the claim he made that he was wire-tapped by President Barack Obama during the final weeks of Trump’s presidential campaign prior to his election to the White House. McCain also said he expects there will be more to come related […]

After Debate of 27 Hours, Second Committee Oks Repeal of Obamacare

Late Thursday a second committee in the House of Representatives approved the Obamacare repeal legislation from the Republican Party. President Donald Trump used deal making skills that helped him reach the White House to build the momentum behind the bill amidst a growing worry amongst prominent GOP members that fast tracking this measure might end […]

Hawaii Planning to Sue Over New Travel Ban by President Trump

The U.S. state of Hawaii will ask a judge to block the revised Presidential executive order that bars issuance of new visas to people from six nations that are Muslim-majority, according to a filing of a document in court. Lawyers from Hawaii hope to make the filing on Wednesday and it would mark the first […]

New Travel Ban by President Trump Could be Announced Monday

It is expected that President Donald Trump would sign his latest executive order as early as Monday that suspends admissions of refugees and bans the entry of people from six countries that are Muslim-majority. The new order was revised from the original that Trump signed during late January and argues the move was needed to […]

Hackers Accessed Private Email of Mike Pence While He Was Governor

Vice President Mike Pence, while the Indiana Governor, used a private email account, which later was compromised his office confirmed on Thursday. The account’s existence was reported after an Indianapolis newspaper obtained copies of emails sent by Pence through a request of the Freedom of Information act. The paper wrote that Pence had used the […]

President Trump’s First Address Optimistic

President Donald Trump delivered his first address to Congress on Tuesday. In his address, he defended his presidency and said he wanted to reach across the party lines and put trivial fights aside to help Americans. He asked Congress to work on overhauling healthcare with him, changing tax code as well as rebuilding the military […]

Trump Asking for Steep Increases in Spending for Military

On Monday, President Donald Trump instructed federal agencies to assemble a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year that would include steep increases in spending by the Department of Defense and drastic cuts for many domestic agencies so he can maintain one of his campaign promises not to touch Medicare and Social Security, said four […]

President Trump Wants the Largest Nuclear Arsenal

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that he wanted to ensure that the nuclear arsenal of the U.S. was “top of the pack.” He said the U.S. has dropped behind in weapons capacity. During an interview with Reuters, Trump said that China could solve the challenge of national security quite easily that is posed by […]

Immigration Enforcement Plan Has Immigrants and Advocates Worried

To advocates of immigration, the White House administration laid out a plan of mass deportations Tuesday when it released a detailed outline of how it is going to enforcement immigration laws in the U.S. The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) executive director Marielena Hincapie said the center is preparing for increased raids and more detentions […]

Sweden Statement Clarified by President Trump

On Sunday, President Donald Trump, in what can be described in an unusually measured and subdued tweet, pushed back against the false claims he made up a terrorist attack in Sweden. The president used his twitter account to clarify that he had not been referencing an actual attack but a segment on Fox News. Through […]

President Donald Trump Says He Inherited a Mess

On Thursday, President Donald Trump aired out some grievances against the media, the intelligence community as well as his detractors in his new conference. The president defended his handpicked advisers against the claims of improper contacts with officials from Russia. He claimed, which is contrary to the perceptions of most that his administration was running […]

Report: Trump kept Vice President in Dark About Russians and Flynn

U.S. President Donald Trump was allegedly told six days after his inauguration that Michael Flynn, at the time his national security adviser, misled Vice President Mike Pence about phone calls Flynn had with Russia, but failed to tell Pence. Trump, after he learned of the phone calls, apparently kept his vice president in the dark […]

President Donald Trump Hosting Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump for talks at the White House that should include launching a joint initiative for female entrepreneurs and business leaders. The two heads of state will hold a number of meetings that include what the Trump administration described as a roundtable on […]

White House Announces Conway Was Counseled

On Thursday, the White House said President Donald Trump’s top advisor was counseled after she used an appearance on television to promote the jewelry and clothing line of Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter. That endorsement, in which Kellyann Conway told viewers on Fox to go and buy Ivanka’s stuff, seemed to violate key ethics rules […]

Warren Receives Support After GOP Formally Silences Her

Senator Elizabeth Warren voiced her opinion on Facebook late on Tuesday to end her speech that was formally silenced by Republicans on the Senate floor after she quoted Coretta Scott King while criticizing President Trump’s attorney general nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. The drama unfolded when the Democrat from Massachusetts overstepped the arcane rules of the […]

Report: Trump Was Not Completely Briefed on Bannon NSC Seat

President Trump reportedly was not fully briefed about the executive order that he signed allowing Steve Bannon his chief strategist to have a seat at meetings of the top national security efforts of the country. On Sunday, the New York Times ran a report that said Bannon has told his allies that he and Stephen […]

Justice Department Will Challenge Stop to Travel Ban

The White House administration is preparing to battle in court for the immigration order of President Donald Trump after a Seattle federal judge halted it nationwide on Friday. The decision on Friday set up the U.S. for a second consecutive weekend of uncertainty across the country over the ban, but this time with the new […]

President Trump Cancels Harley-Davidson Trip Due to Possible Protests

U.S. President Donald Trump is not going to Milwaukee for a scheduled visit to the Harley-Davidson plant after company officials there decided it would be too uncomfortable hosting the president amidst planned protests, said a White House official. Trump was scheduled to take a tour of the plant on Thursday where he planned as well […]

White House Appears to Pull Back on Part of Policy on Vetting

On Sunday, the White House appeared as if it was pulling back on one key part of the tough immigration order by the President, signaling that travelers attempting to enter the U.S. from the 7 countries banned by President Trump can enter if they are green card holders. Chief of Staff at the White House […]