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Bernie Sanders Will Court Millennials in Ohio for Clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders is heading to Ohio Saturday to help Hillary Clinton the presidential nominee for the Democrats in an important battleground state where poll numbers for her have been flagging. Sanders, the independent from Vermont will be focusing on millennials. He was the clear favorite amongst the younger voter during his battle in the […]

Bernie Sanders Buys Vacation Home for $575,000

Supporters as well critics of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont were united this week when a Vermont newspaper confirmed that Sanders had purchased a third home on Lake Champlain. People took to Twitter voicing concerns, many of whom asked how a socialist would spend so extravagantly. Sanders’ vacation home had a price tag of […]

Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders was able to get the things he wanted in Orlando over the weekend – a platform stamped section after section with his progressive values. At the same time, Hillary Clinton also got what she was looking for – a pathway to entice supporters of Sanders to support her campaign a week prior to […]

Bernie Sanders Preparing to Fight at July’s Democratic National Convention

Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday said he has prepared for a fight on the floor at July’s Democratic National Convention to be held in Philadelphia, if the Democrats do not take stances that are more progressive on trade, climate change, minimum wage and other issues he supports. The senator from Vermont said there were a […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Have Meeting Prior to Final Primary

Hillary Clinton and her biggest challenger Bernie Sanders will end the Democratic primary calendar on Tuesday with a meeting that could set the tone for party unity as well as for the party’s convention next month in Philadelphia. Sanders and Clinton will meet in Washington, D.C. the site of the final primary for the presidential […]

Chaos In Nevada Sparks Worries For Philadelphia Convention

The chaos sparked at the Nevada Democratic state convention on Saturday could be a preview of how the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will go. Violent outbursts disrupted the convention after Bernie Sanders supporters criticized the Nevada Democratic Party’s handling of the caucus process. One Sanders supporter reportedly threw a chair. Others drew graffiti on […]

Bernie Sanders Will Not Drop Out Despite Lead by Hillary Clinton

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is not going to leave the Democratic Presidential race despite the large and almost unbeatable lead held by Hillary Clinton and Tuesday night was a hint why. However, the path ahead for the underdog carries many challenges and a number of risks. Even though the Vermont senator lost in Arizona, where […]

Bernie Sanders Takes on Arizona’s Joe Arpaio

While speaking in Arizona at one of its casino resorts, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for his party’s nomination, criticized Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for picking on those with no power. Vermont Senator Sanders took on Arpaio by accusing him of carrying out un-American behavior. Sanders, while speaking at the resort, also pledged to […]

Tuesday Primaries Are Make Or Break For Two Candidates

In the presidential primaries being held on Tuesday, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri will distribute their 286 delegates to the candidates most preferred by their residents. In Florida and Ohio, the candidate that wins in the state gets all of the delegates. This makes these states make or break for Ohio Governor John Kasich and […]

Democratic Debate: Sanders and Clinton Find Common Ground

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred during their latest Democratic debate over immigration Wednesday night, just days prior to a crucial contest in Florida. However, the two directed their biggest strikes toward Donald Trump the front-runner of the Republican race. Sanders and Clinton, competing to win the Hispanic vote in next Tuesday’s primary […]

Donald Trump Wins Three States, Bernie Sanders Takes Michigan

Donald Trump was an easy winner against his rivals from the Republican Party in the Mississippi and Michigan primaries on Tuesday and was victorious in the Hawaii caucuses. This helped the Republican frontrunner regain some momentum as resistance has intensified towards his campaign amongst party leaders. Bernie Sanders the U.S. Senator from Vermont was an […]

Democratic Debate Turns Focus To African-American Constituents

The latest Democratic debate focused more on the economic fortunes of African-Americans than any of the previous debates. The Democratic candidates chose a good setting for the topic. The debate was held in the city of Flint, Michigan, a city that was a symbol of a middle class prosperity due to the auto industry. Today, […]

Hillary Clinton Takes Nevada Dem Caucuses 53% to 47%

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, narrowly defeated Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturday. With votes from 92 percent of caucus precincts counted, Mrs. Clinton had won 52.6 percent, while Mr. Sanders had drawn 47.3 percent. Mrs. Clinton gave her victory speech Saturday afternoon in a ballroom at […]

Tightening Democratic Race in Nevada Threatens Clinton Lead

With less than a full week before the caucuses in Nevada, the political nightmare of Hillary Clinton arrived at a restaurant close to the Strip in Las Vegas. Over 100 activists packed between a buffet of curry and a sign that supported Bernie Sanders. They made commitments for the caucus, they talked and they cheered […]

Bernie Sanders Gives President Obama’s Immigration Criticism

Bernie Sanders is increasing the pressure on the White House administration over the immigration enforcement initiatives taking fresh aim at the controversial program only days prior to the presidential contest for Democrats in Nevada. Sanders through a letter he wrote with Raul Grijalva a Democrat from Arizona, criticizes the Priority Enforcement Program that is in […]

New Hampshire is the Past, New Race Amidst Shuffling of Candidates

After two decisive wins by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday night in New Hampshire, the two presidential campaigns were seeking on Wednesday to build on their momentum while others were left to reassess strategies amidst races that have been reshuffled. While Trump was making the rounds on morning television […]

Polls Find Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Holding Big Leads

As the New Hampshire presidential primaries approach, a new poll of polls by CNN finds that Sanders and Trump are holding sizable leads in their races, with each facing an opponent that has support that is quickly rising. Sanders is currently leading Hillary Clinton 54% to 40%, which is slightly down from his lead of […]

Bernie Sanders Says Bill Clinton Questions are Upsetting

Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont who is becoming more and more popular amongst Democrats was asked during the South Carolina Democratic Debate on Sunday night if he regrets saying that former President Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions were deplorable. The question did not amuse Sanders at all. He answered by saying that the question annoyed […]

Hillary Clinton Holds Large National Lead over Bernie Sanders

Aided by her solid performance in the first debate for the Democrats Hillary Clinton regained control of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination of which she had lost some ground because of a controversial summer. She now has a commanding lead over second place Senator Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination. Vice President Joe […]

Bernie Sanders Touting Iraq War Vote before Debate

Three days prior to the first debate of the Democratic Party presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders’s campaign is reminding voters Saturday that he voted in 2002 against the Iraq War, emailing out his speech of 13 years ago on the floor of the House. Going into the faceoff Tuesday night on CNN, this email was the […]

Bernie Sanders Campaign Raises over $26 Million in Third Quarter

The reporting deadline is October 15, but Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have already released big numbers for third quarter campaign donations. The numbers tell election pundits something about what the state of this election is from the Democratic side. The insurgent campaign of Sanders raised over $26 million during the quarter from July […]

Sanders Lobbies for Endorsement from AFL-CIO

Citing his long record in the legislature and the improving opinion polls, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told AFL-CIO leaders on Wednesday that he was the best equipped candidate to advance the benefits and rights of organized labor. Although no mention of rivals came up, Sanders, who is one of many candidates to address the executive […]