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Jindal and Santorum Will Stay In GOP Race

Following Scott Walker’s exit from the GOP presidential nomination race, both Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum a former U.S. Senator, said they planned on remaining in the race. During his exit speech on Monday in Wisconsin, Walker called on other candidates amongst the Republicans to also drop out. He encouraged other GOP candidates […]

Bobby Jindal Creates Twitter Storm with Remarks

Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana and the latest U.S. Presidential candidate for the GOP to announce, caused a storm on Twitter in India of insults and jokes after he said he does not like being referred to as an Indian-American. Jindal is the first candidate of Indian origin to join a presidential race in […]

Bobby Jindal Will Make Presidential Announcement June 24

Bobby Jindal the conservative Republican Governor of Louisiana said Wednesday that he would announce in New Orleans on June 24 if he would join an already large field of fellow GOP members running for president. He said that if he decides to announce on that date that he would seek the GOP nomination for the […]

Bobby Jindal Slams Liberals Over Race Obsession

On Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal slammed liberals over being obsessed with race, saying it was silly to divide up people by race. Jindal said he believes the left has become obsessed with race. Jindal was at a breakfast that the Christian Science Monitor hosted when he made his comments. He also said the dumbest […]

Bobby Jindal Considering Running in 2016

On Monday, Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana said he was still thinking as well as praying about a possible run for the presidency in 2016, while urging the Republicans to lay out a positive platform and back strong defense spending prior to the election in 2016. The Governor said he did not have a […]

Governor Jindal May Sue Federal Government

Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana reportedly is set to sue the Obama administration on Wednesday in federal court. The governor claims that the U.S. Department of Education has manipulated illegally grant monies and regulations to force the states in the U.S. to adopt its controversial standards of Common Core. A draft of the lawsuit […]