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Donald Trump Finalists for VP Include Gingrich and Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House are amongst the finalists to be the running mate of Donald Trump, said sources on Thursday. Christie a former rival of Trump has turned into his top defender. He received official paperwork for the process of vetting the possible running mates […]

Guns Record for Chris Christie Could be Trouble in New Hampshire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie one of the Republican presidential candidates is betting his viability for the presidency on the state of New Hampshire. Christie has visited the primary state that is crucial, as it is early on in the primary race, more times that any of the other candidates. He hopes that he is […]

Chris Christie Picks Up Endorsements, Promises to Play Hard

A group of Iowans four years ago flew on a private jet to New Jersey. The prominent group attempted to persuade Chris Christie he should run for president. Christie told them he did not feel the timing was right. Four years have passed and despite a rocky year on the campaign trail and daunting odds […]

Chris Christie Wants to Track Immigrants Like Packages

Chris Christie the Republican Governor of New Jersey and a GOP presidential candidate said he would install a tracking system similar to FedEx to combat illegal migration. Christie, who is far back amongst the 17 Republican presidential candidates told a crowd at his campaign event in New Hampshire that he would ask CEO Fred Smith […]

Senator Lee Calls Christie’s Comments Political Pornography

Senator Mike Lee a Republican from Utah said that Republican Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey should be completely ashamed of himself following his comments about the Patriot Act that Lee compared to being political pornography. During an interview with a leading television network, Lee was asked if he would respond to the statement Christie […]

Poll: Christie Would Be Routed by Clinton in His Own State

Voters in New Jersey said that the country was not ready to have one of its own as commander-in-chief and likely would choose Hillary Clinton over Chris Christie their own governor, by an 11 point margin, says a new poll released on Thursday. By a slight majority, the survey said that Christie would not be […]

Christie and Walker Increase Speculation over Presidential Run

On Saturday, two governors who are Republican and high profile called for America to have leadership that was more aggressive on challenges taking place abroad. The two emphasized their support of Israel while courting powerful donors who are Jewish. Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey and Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin also increased […]

Ex-Aide: Governor Christie Knew Of Lane Closings

A lawyer for a former official at the Port Authority says there is evidence that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware of the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge while they were happening. The lawyer represents the official who was blamed for the incident that was politically motivated. Christie’s office has denied the […]