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CIA Torture Report to Be Released

On Monday, the Obama administration confirmed that a review of the report by the Senate Intelligence Committee on the post-9/22 CIA torture program would be released on Tuesday. This despite reports that some members of the White House administration pressured the panel to have the controversial release of the document delayed. Josh Earnest the Press […]

Obama Admits to CIA Using Torture

President Barack Obama acknowledged that the Central Intelligence Agency tortured suspects that had been detained immediately after the terror attack of September. The White House administration is expected to release very soon a report from the Senate that details the techniques of torture employed by agents from the CIA targeting militants suspected of terrorist ties […]

CIA Lied Over Torture to Justify Its Use

An investigation by an intelligence committee in the Senate found that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency used brutal methods of interrogation that turned out largely useless results and then lied about the effectiveness of the tactics, according to a leading Washington newspaper. The Senate report, as described in the newspaper article, contradicts the defenses of […]

CIA Allegedly Spied on Intelligence Committee from the Senate

The Central Intelligence Agency is being investigated for its alleged spying on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee. The investigation was confirmed on Wednesday by Dianne Feinstein the committee chairperson. The CIA by law is prohibited from spying on any American and spying on Congress and members of their staff would create many questions about separation […]