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Democrats Promise to Undermine Certain Cabinet Confirmations

Incoming Minority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer announced on Sunday that the Democrats are committed to the undermining as well as slowing down of the confirmation process of Cabinet nominees of incoming President Donald Trump. Schumer released his intent recently to the Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell. Schumer said that Democrats are planning […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Promise to Have Hispanics in Cabinet

Hillary Clinton and fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders have both promised to nominate Hispanics into key posts in their cabinet with their administration if they are elected, according to the nation’s biggest coalition for Hispanics. A survey of 20-questions was sent from the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda to all presidential candidates on February 25. […]

Democrats Filibuster Bill for Homeland Security

As was expected, Senate Democrats have blocked the funding bill for Homeland Security protesting the provisions written by the GOP that would gut a number of years of the White House administration’s directives regarding immigration. The big question is now what comes next. Top Senate Republicans indicated strongly that they would attempt to bring up […]

Americans Predict GOP Controlled Congress Will Continue Gridlocked

Half of the Americans polled in a recent survey believe the control of both the House and Senate by the Republicans will be bad for the U.S. A majority also said Congress would have more gridlock. However, the poll shows that the Republican Party brand has shown an improvement during the past year, and is […]

Republicans Take Majority in Senate Now Control Congress

Voters have handed control of the U.S. Congress to the Republicans for the first time since 2006. The GOP will now run Congress for the remaining time President Obama is in office. The Republicans swept to a strong victory in a number of contests across the nation, retaining every GOP-held seats that were up for […]

Governor of Hawaii Loses Primary Election

After close to four decades in an elected office in the state of Hawaii, Governor Neil Abercrombie received a stunning blow, as he was defeated this weekend in his bid for re-election. He became the first incumbent Hawaiian governor in the history of the state to lose his party’s primary. Abercrombie, who is a Democrat, […]

Democrats Blame Stalled Immigration Reform on GOP Racism

A U.S. lawmaker who is the head of a House committee blames the failure of the country to pass legislation on immigration reform on what he calls Republican racism. The comments of Democrat Steve Israel a member of the House of Representative’s go along with those made by Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats […]

House Races in New York Began to Heat Up

Swing districts and an empty seat loom big as Democrats and Republicans looked to gain seats in the House from New York in the midterm elections this November. With eight months to go prior to the November election, six or more of the 27 seats in the state show signs of being close races. Across […]

White House Hopes Lifted After Budget Deal Reached

Successful deals made on Capitol Hill have altered Washington’s political dynamic raising hopes in the White House that stalled priorities for the second term like immigration reform might still come to fruition. The movement behind the recent success has been inside the House, where both parties overwhelmingly approved a budget of two-years and its Speaker […]