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Families of Gold Star Recipients Lash Out at Trump

Families of 11 members of the U.S. armed services, who died while fighting, demanded that Donald Trump give an apology Monday accusing him of cheapening the sacrifice that those who were lost had made. The families said that Trump’s suggestion that the Muslim mother of the soldier from the U.S. who died while in Iraq […]

Official from Reagan Administration Says Donald Trump is Not Ronald Reagan

A former speechwriter and spokesman for former President Ronald Reagan appeared on stage Thursday at the Democratic National Convention. He proceeded to rip apart Donald Trump and to denounce any and all comparisons between the billionaire from Manhattan and Reagan the conservative icon. It is an honor being here as well as a shock, said […]

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says Russia Is Helping Donald Trump

The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton has alleged that hackers in Russia have been leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee that are critical of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in their effort to help Republican Donald Trump win November’s election. This comes following the changes to the platform of the Republicans making it that much […]

Trump Accepts Republican Party Nomination

Donald Trump accepted the GOP presidential nomination Thursday night with a vehement appeal to the Americans who feel their country has spiraled out of control and wants a leader who takes an aggressive and even extreme means to give them protection. Trump, who is 70 a developer of real estate from New York and a […]

Trump Delays Announcement of Running Mate

In a move late Thursday night, Donald Trump the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee said he was cancelling plans his campaign made to announce his running mate due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France. This announcement came after a day of signals that seemed to indicate that the likely choice for his V.P. would be […]

Trump Puts Southwest U.S. at Risk Due to Comments Made

Once an important swing state for presidential elections, the state of Colorado is now close to becoming a strong state for Democrats. Donald Trump could have helped make the last push for it to become Democratic. Trump’s negative words relating to Mexicans, disparaging comments about weak campaign organization and women have punctuated the shift of […]

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Answer Questions About Trump Qualifications

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader would not answers questions on Sunday about whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was qualified to be president. McConnell said he would leave that decision to the American people. The Republican from Kentucky was pressed during a television news show on Sunday about the poor […]

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee is ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump 47% to just over 42% in the most recent poll in the race for the White House released by a cable television operator. Only 22% of the registered voters polled said their minds might change before the November election. […]

Mitt Romney Supporters Divided Over Donald Trump

Mitt Romney has said that if Donald Trump were elected president it would normalize misogyny, bigotry and racism in the national conscience. Meg Whitman the CEO at Hewlett Packard compared the Republican presumptive presidential nominee to the late Adolf Hitler. Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House was asked how he would explain his endorsing […]

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sustained attacks on Hillary Clinton after the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee unloaded on the GOP presidential candidate over Trump University, his controversial school. Trump started by pre-empting a foreign policy speech of Clinton’s for Thursday that was aimed at Trump, by suggesting her speech was full […]

Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Abortion, Criticism Follows

Donald Trump the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination said Wednesday that women who end their pregnancies should be punished if the U.S. places a ban of abortion. His comments triggered a flood of criticism from each side of the heated abortion debate, including from his rivals for the White House. The New York billionaire […]

Donald Trump Has an Ongoing War Against Women

Last week during a period of just 48 hours, the conversation nationally went from the War on Terror to the War against Women due to another Trump tirade on Twitter one late night. During the time of the now infamous Trump tweet threatening competitor Ted Cruz with spilling the beans about Cruz’s wife as a […]

John Kasich Campaign To Continue Despite Delegate Deficiency

Despite repeated calls from prominent members of the Republican Party to drop out of the race for president, Ohio Governor John Kasich has reiterated his commitment to stay in the contest for the long haul. His advisers are claiming that the race’s final stretch of 20 states put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position […]

Polls: Rubio Trails in Florida, Kasich Battling to Win Ohio

Just released polls show that Senator Marco Rubio is trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump in Florida, the home state of Rubio, primary to that state’s primary tomorrow. In one poll, Rubio has even fallen back to third place behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz. At the same time, John Kasich the Ohio Governor is locked in […]

Tuesday Primaries Are Make Or Break For Two Candidates

In the presidential primaries being held on Tuesday, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri will distribute their 286 delegates to the candidates most preferred by their residents. In Florida and Ohio, the candidate that wins in the state gets all of the delegates. This makes these states make or break for Ohio Governor John Kasich and […]

Ben Carson Announces His Endorsement of Donald Trump

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who ended his bid for the presidential nomination last week, has announced his endorsement of Donald Trump during a Friday news conference. Carson called Trump an intelligent man who has a deep caring for the United States. The announcement comes the morning after the debate on Thursday that were subdued […]

Donald Trump Wins Three States, Bernie Sanders Takes Michigan

Donald Trump was an easy winner against his rivals from the Republican Party in the Mississippi and Michigan primaries on Tuesday and was victorious in the Hawaii caucuses. This helped the Republican frontrunner regain some momentum as resistance has intensified towards his campaign amongst party leaders. Bernie Sanders the U.S. Senator from Vermont was an […]

U.S. Allowing Egyptian Student Who Threatened Trump to Leave

An student from Egypt who is studying at a flight school in Southern California and facing deportation for a threat posted on Facebook against Donald Trump one of the GOP presidential candidates was given the authorization to leave the U.S. voluntarily, said a spokesperson law enforcement. During a Friday morning hearing, at a downtown U.S. […]

National Poll Shows Trump Trailing both Clinton and Sanders

Both remaining candidates from the Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination easily top the Donald Trump front runner of the Republican in a general election hypothetical poll. The new poll has Hillary Clinton, the front runner in the presidential nomination for her party, would likely have more of a challenge should Senators Marco Rubio […]

Racial Controversies of Donald Trump Put GOP in Difficult Situation

It was only a couple of days ago that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was pressed to respond to support from David Duke the former leader of the KKK. Trump answered that he did not know Duke had endorsed him and said he disavowed it. However, on Sunday Trump was again asked about support from […]

Donald Trump Says He Respects the Pope

Republican voters were able to see both ends of the ideological spectrum of their party in a town hall present by CNN on Thursday night in Columbia, South Carolina. John Kasich the Ohio Governor, who is appealing to the mainstream vote, started the night with unifying rhetoric as he talked about his record of expanding […]

South Carolina Primary Fight Promises To Be A Bruising One

The Republican candidates for president seem to be taking off the gloves for the fight to win the next primary, being held in South Carolina this week. During the Republican debate in South Carolina over the weekend, the vitriol was on full display. It was a multi-candidate battlefield for the duration. Donald J. Trump has […]

New Hampshire is the Past, New Race Amidst Shuffling of Candidates

After two decisive wins by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday night in New Hampshire, the two presidential campaigns were seeking on Wednesday to build on their momentum while others were left to reassess strategies amidst races that have been reshuffled. While Trump was making the rounds on morning television […]

Polls Find Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Holding Big Leads

As the New Hampshire presidential primaries approach, a new poll of polls by CNN finds that Sanders and Trump are holding sizable leads in their races, with each facing an opponent that has support that is quickly rising. Sanders is currently leading Hillary Clinton 54% to 40%, which is slightly down from his lead of […]

Donald Trump’s Unwanted Supporters: White Supremacists

Voters in New Hampshire might be stunned when they hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; white nationalists with a disturbing yet simple message. On telephone calls that New Hampshire residents are receiving, the voice on the line says we do not need Muslims. We need educated, smart white people. The calls started this […]