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House Floor Scene of Sit-In over Gun Control

Republicans in the House looked to end a day filled with drama and a sit in of 16-hours by Democrats in the early morning hours of Thursday by adjourning for recess through July 5. The move was done in an attempt to shut down the protest that started early Wednesday when House Democrats took control […]

Guns Record for Chris Christie Could be Trouble in New Hampshire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie one of the Republican presidential candidates is betting his viability for the presidency on the state of New Hampshire. Christie has visited the primary state that is crucial, as it is early on in the primary race, more times that any of the other candidates. He hopes that he is […]

Martin O’Malley Says American Dream Can Be Restored with Gun Control

According to published reports, Martin O’Malley, a Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate said that gun control would be part of his plan of restoring the country’s American Dream. O’Malley said that expanding the background checks for every purchase of a gun whether from an online posting, private sale or licensed dealer would be his first step. […]

President Obama Speaking Frankly About Gun Control Prospects

On Thursday, President Obama expressed some hope that the U.S. would eventually strengthen the laws for control. However, he was also quick to say he expected little progress during the current political environment even though there are mounting numbers of shootings taking place. Speaking very candidly about the massacre of 9 African American church members […]