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President Obama Focusing on Races for Senate While Campaigning

On Sunday, President Barack Obama campaigned in Nevada a battleground state for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton who wants to be his successor. However, Obama spent the majority of his time discussing the Senate race in the state. Democrats want to gain control again of the U.S. Senate on election day November 8. They are sending […]

Clinton Proposing the Closing of Loopholes in Real Estate

The wealth of Donald Trump has helped to define the presidential race of 2016 as well as shaping the tax debate within the campaign. Trump says he knows how to fix the nation’s tax code as well as close loopholes such as the one that have allowed him to go close to 20 years without […]

Presidential Debate Takes a Dark Turn

On Sunday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faced off against Republican nominee Donald Trump in the second presidential debate. The tone of the evening was set immediately when Clinton and Trump did not shake hands at center stage to start the event. The debate take a dark turn early as Trump sent a volley […]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Even At Time of First Debate

On Monday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off for their first presidential debate in a virtual deadlock in the 2016 race for the White House, showed a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post. Clinton’s advantage of August has all been wiped out due to recent problems while the Republican nominee […]

Donald Trump Must Score Big in Presidential Debates

Donald Trump must win September’s debate to move ahead in the polls of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He will need to also look presidential while at the same time landing punches on Clinton’s vulnerable areas, throwing her off with personal attacks. Both Clinton and Trump are going through preparations for what could be the most […]

Millions Raised by Hillary Clinton Across California

Hillary Clinton, collecting millions of dollars of contributions for her campaign, kicked of the second day of her fundraising earlier this week in California when she stopped at the home of Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel located in Hollywood Hills. Amongst the supporters that numbered over 100 who dished out $33.400 each for the […]

Clinton Up by 14% in Florida, Rubio Says Trump is Con Man, But Now Better Than Hillary

Democratic president nominee Hillary Clinton is leading her biggest opponent Donald Trump by a significant amount in Florida shows a poll released by Saint Leo University on Tuesday. The latest poll shows that Clinton has 52% of the support from likely voters in Florida, while 38% surveyed put their support with Trump. Gary Johnson the […]

Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders was able to get the things he wanted in Orlando over the weekend – a platform stamped section after section with his progressive values. At the same time, Hillary Clinton also got what she was looking for – a pathway to entice supporters of Sanders to support her campaign a week prior to […]

Clinton Announces Dream Team for Her Campaign

A part of Hillary Clinton’s effort against Donald Trump, a group of high profile surrogates have been dispatched by the Clinton campaign. Vice President Joseph Biden will be the ambassador of the Rust Belt, while Elizabeth Warren will be the unifier of the party who will speak to liberals in swing states. President Barack Obama […]

Hillary Clinton to Speak About Failed Trump Ventures in Atlantic City

On Wednesday, Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will not be campaigning in any swing state. She instead will be safely in the Democratic friendly state of New Jersey. She will be there for just one reason – Donald Trump. During a campaign stop on Wednesday in Atlantic City, the former secretary of state is […]

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee is ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump 47% to just over 42% in the most recent poll in the race for the White House released by a cable television operator. Only 22% of the registered voters polled said their minds might change before the November election. […]

Elizabeth Warren Makes Visits to Brooklyn Headquarters of Hillary Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is being looked at as a possible vice presidential choice for the Democrats, dropped by the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton on Friday in Brooklyn. Warren, who last week endorsed Clinton during an interview, spoke with aides, took some photos with workers and gave a few remarks. One comment she was […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Have Meeting Prior to Final Primary

Hillary Clinton and her biggest challenger Bernie Sanders will end the Democratic primary calendar on Tuesday with a meeting that could set the tone for party unity as well as for the party’s convention next month in Philadelphia. Sanders and Clinton will meet in Washington, D.C. the site of the final primary for the presidential […]

Report: Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton has won enough delegates to win the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party according to a report released by the AP. Clinton has emerged from a long, bruising battle during primary season to become just the first women to lead one of the country’s two major parties in a race for the White […]

Bill Clinton Tells Voters That Republicans Loved His Wife

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was trying to explain the reason his wife is currently having trouble being liked, saying it is the MO of the Republicans to cast Hillary as the villain, though he reminded a Santa Monica, California audience that things were not always that way. Clinton said he has known Hillary 45 […]

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sustained attacks on Hillary Clinton after the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee unloaded on the GOP presidential candidate over Trump University, his controversial school. Trump started by pre-empting a foreign policy speech of Clinton’s for Thursday that was aimed at Trump, by suggesting her speech was full […]

Chaos In Nevada Sparks Worries For Philadelphia Convention

The chaos sparked at the Nevada Democratic state convention on Saturday could be a preview of how the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will go. Violent outbursts disrupted the convention after Bernie Sanders supporters criticized the Nevada Democratic Party’s handling of the caucus process. One Sanders supporter reportedly threw a chair. Others drew graffiti on […]

Bernie Sanders Will Not Drop Out Despite Lead by Hillary Clinton

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is not going to leave the Democratic Presidential race despite the large and almost unbeatable lead held by Hillary Clinton and Tuesday night was a hint why. However, the path ahead for the underdog carries many challenges and a number of risks. Even though the Vermont senator lost in Arizona, where […]

Democratic Debate: Sanders and Clinton Find Common Ground

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred during their latest Democratic debate over immigration Wednesday night, just days prior to a crucial contest in Florida. However, the two directed their biggest strikes toward Donald Trump the front-runner of the Republican race. Sanders and Clinton, competing to win the Hispanic vote in next Tuesday’s primary […]

Democratic Debate Turns Focus To African-American Constituents

The latest Democratic debate focused more on the economic fortunes of African-Americans than any of the previous debates. The Democratic candidates chose a good setting for the topic. The debate was held in the city of Flint, Michigan, a city that was a symbol of a middle class prosperity due to the auto industry. Today, […]

Systemic Racism Focus Of Hillary Clinton Speeches In Tennessee

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at two black churches in Tennessee on Sunday, vowing to “tackle the continuing challenge of systemic racism.” She was in the state meeting constituents before the important Super Tuesday primaries, where eleven states will cast their votes for their preferred presidential nominee. During her visit to the state, she also […]

Clinton Wins Big in South Carolina, Holds Super Tuesday Momentum

Hillary Clinton resoundingly won the South Carolina primary to take back the front-runner status in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination with a lopsided win over her opponent Bernie Sanders that worked as a great send off for Super Tuesday. For Sanders, the nearly 50-point defeat has crystallized the weakness he has with black […]

Hillary Clinton Takes Nevada Dem Caucuses 53% to 47%

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, narrowly defeated Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturday. With votes from 92 percent of caucus precincts counted, Mrs. Clinton had won 52.6 percent, while Mr. Sanders had drawn 47.3 percent. Mrs. Clinton gave her victory speech Saturday afternoon in a ballroom at […]

Tightening Democratic Race in Nevada Threatens Clinton Lead

With less than a full week before the caucuses in Nevada, the political nightmare of Hillary Clinton arrived at a restaurant close to the Strip in Las Vegas. Over 100 activists packed between a buffet of curry and a sign that supported Bernie Sanders. They made commitments for the caucus, they talked and they cheered […]

FBI: Clinton Investigation Over Email Server is Ongoing

The FBI investigation into the use by Hillary Clinton of an email server that was private is ongoing, according to a document filed on Monday in federal court by a top official with the FBI. In that letter, which was dated February 2, James Baker the General Counsel for the FBI wrote to the State […]