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Firestorm over Letter from GOP Challenging President’s Authority

Late Monday, a political firestorm erupted after Republican Senators sent an open letter to leaders in Iran that challenged the ability of President Barack Obama to enter into a permanent deal regarding the nuclear program in Tehran. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden has denounced strongly the letter saying it offends him as a matter of […]

State Department: John Kerry Words Twisted by Netanyahu

The U.S. State Department has accused Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel of taking testimony in front of Congress by John Kerry the Secretary of State, out of context in his address on Tuesday to a joint session of Congress. In a Wednesday statement, the U.S. State Department quoted a complete article that claimed […]

White House Denies Visa to Iran Envoy

Officials from the White House have said it will not be issuing a visa to the selection by Iran to be the United Nations envoy. Very rarely has the U.S. denied a visa for an envoy for the U.N., but Jay Carney the spokesman for the White House says that it is the decision of […]

Twenty-Six Senators Preparing Bill for New Iran Sanctions

A group of 26 bipartisan senators plans to introduce legislation that will impose new economic sanction against Iran if Tehran violates the interim nuclear agreement or if a final one is not reached. This effort is being led by Senator Robert Menendez a Democrat from New Jersey and Republican Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois. The […]

Israel Consulted by White House During Iran Deal

Susan Rice the national security advisor for President Barack Obama hosted a number of meetings with officials from Israel last week in an attempt to gain support from the Israelis for the interim deal with Tehran that was aimed at containing the nuclear program in Iran. The White House announced the meeting on Sunday. They […]