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Jeb Bush Announces His Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Former Republican candidate Jeb Bush announced that he was endorsing Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination saying that U.S. Senator Cruz from Texas represents the best chance for the party to win the White House. In prepared statement, the former governor of Florida called Cruz a principled, consistent conservative who demonstrated his ability to […]

South Carolina Primary Fight Promises To Be A Bruising One

The Republican candidates for president seem to be taking off the gloves for the fight to win the next primary, being held in South Carolina this week. During the Republican debate in South Carolina over the weekend, the vitriol was on full display. It was a multi-candidate battlefield for the duration. Donald J. Trump has […]

Super PAC Supporting Jeb Bush Attacks Cruz, Rubio and Trump

A super PAC that supports Jeb Bush a Republican presidential candidate, which is sitting on the biggest war chest  across all of American politics, has prepared a new television ad that airs very soon that is its most aggressive to date  against Donald Trump the front-runner for the GOP, and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco […]

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to Face Off in Tuesday Night GOP Debate

Another Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio battle will set the stage in tonight’s debate of the GOP Presidential candidates. The fourth debate will pick up where the third one left off with former Florida Governor Bush needing to have a very strong showing and with his Super PAC picking a big fight with Senator Marco […]

Jeb Bush Targets New Hampshire with TV Ads

Jeb Bush the Republican presidential candidate has purchased his first set of TV ads for his White House bid. The ads will target the state of New Hampshire, said his campaign team on Friday, which underscores his need to be successful in the state where his rival Ohio Governor John Kasich has made inroads. The […]

Bush Says He Would Back Donald Trump as Presidential Candidate

On Thursday, Jeb Bush said he would support fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump if he were to win the nomination of the party for the presidential election in 2016 and Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democrats. Asked if he would give his support to Trump as the nominee for the Republicans against […]

Jeb Bush Talks Up Veterans Policy in South Carolina

If Jeb Bush is elected as the president he would push for privatization of more healthcare for veterans, trim the Department of Veterans Affairs size  and make it easier to fire employees that are lower-level who treat veterans improperly. The presidential candidate from the Republican Party unveiled his ideas for a healthcare plan for veterans […]

Activists Bring Jeb Bust Town Hall Meeting to an End

Demonstrators from Black Lives Matter interrupted an event of Jeb Bush in Las Vegas Wednesday, putting an end to the presidential candidate’s version of a town hall meeting. As the Republican was busy wrapping up a session of questions and answers, the activists entered the town hall meeting with their fists raised and chanting black […]

GOP Candidate Bush Says Snowden Should Get No Leniency

Jeb Bush one of the many presidential candidates from the Republican Party said that former contractor for the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden should not receive any leniency for the leaks he made over the surveillance programs of the government. The former governor of Florida has strongly defended the surveillance programs of the NSA, which […]

Clinton in New Hampshire, Bush Announces Candidacy

Jeb Bush is announcing on Monday he will run for President. The former Florida governor is set to announce at 3:00 pm ET that he will attempt to win the Republican nomination for president. Hillary Clinton is already campaigning for the Democratic nomination and held the largest rally thus far this past Saturday on Roosevelt […]

Jeb Bush Promoting Trade between U.S. and Europe

Jeb Bush is starting a trip through Eastern Europe for five days on Tuesday and is planning to use a speech on Tuesday in Berlin to promote trade ties between the U.S. and Europe. At the same time, he will use the time to criticize Vladimir Putin the Russian President over his aggression in Ukraine. […]

Jeb Bush Says Poll Watchers Should Chill Out

Poll numbers that are not showing Jeb Bush holding a commanding lead amongst the Republican field for 2016 do not bother the former governor of Florida. The polls are irrelevant said Bush during a Fox News interview. He said he has yet to announce any candidacy so the polls really do not matter. Until the […]

Prospective Candidates for the White House Spar over Law in Indiana

The controversy over the religious freedom law in Indiana has opened a predictable divide amongst the presidential race of 2016, as Republicans come to its defense while Democrats condemn it as discriminatory legislation against lesbians and gays. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who is looked at with suspicion by a number of social conservatives […]

Jeb Bush Winning the Fundraising Competition in the GOP

The money juggernaut of Jeb Bush is eclipsing by far the efforts of possible rivals for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, putting the two political committees of his on pace to take in unprecedented sums of money in the tens of millions of dollar before spring ends. The former governor of Florida’s dominance in the […]

Romney Not Running Has Reset GOP Field for 2016

The announcement by Mitt Romney on Friday that he would not be running for president for a third time has reset the 2016 GOP field, with strategists saying Romney’s exit has positioned Jeb Bush as the establishment favorite and helped him to assemble campaign teams in key states with early voting. Meanwhile, the former governor […]

Hints Being Dropped About Jeb Bush Running For President

While he drops hints about his intentions for 2016, Jeb Bush the former Governor of Florida is in South Carolina only weeks away from a deadline that was self imposed about whether he would be running for president. Bush will give the commencement address Monday at the University of South Carolina. This is the second […]