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John Boehner Clinches Budget Deal Prior to Leaving House

House Republican leaders were able to reach a budget deal with the White House just prior to Monday midnight aimed at averting another government shutdown and debt crisis. John Boehner the House Speaker made one last appeal to the restive Republicans: Pass this agreement that was hard won with the President prior to Rep. Paul […]

Authorities Charge Man for Threatening Boehner

Federal prosecutors charged a man from Indiana with threatening to kill John Boehner the Speaker of the House, who is next in line for the presidency following Joe Biden the Vice President. Agents with the FBI arrested 32-year old Brandon Thompson on Thursday. Thompson made his first appearance on Friday in front of a U.S. […]

Boehner Fighting Challenges in Primary with Ad Time

Some conservative organizations are working to oppose the bid of John Boehner the Speaker of the House to win his 13th term. Three of his fellow Republicans are giving Boehner a primary challenge. That prompted Boehner to start spending money on television campaign ads in his congressional district in Ohio. Boehner, the House‚Äôs top Republican […]

Boehner All but Rules out Immigration Legislation

John Boehner the U.S. Speaker of the House was pessimistic over the possible passage of any immigration legislation prior to the midterm elections this fall. The Speaker said it would be hard for the House, which is led by the Republicans, to act on immigration, which has been made a top priority of President Obama […]