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John Kasich Campaign To Continue Despite Delegate Deficiency

Despite repeated calls from prominent members of the Republican Party to drop out of the race for president, Ohio Governor John Kasich has reiterated his commitment to stay in the contest for the long haul. His advisers are claiming that the race’s final stretch of 20 states put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position […]

Polls: Rubio Trails in Florida, Kasich Battling to Win Ohio

Just released polls show that Senator Marco Rubio is trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump in Florida, the home state of Rubio, primary to that state’s primary tomorrow. In one poll, Rubio has even fallen back to third place behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz. At the same time, John Kasich the Ohio Governor is locked in […]

Tuesday Primaries Are Make Or Break For Two Candidates

In the presidential primaries being held on Tuesday, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri will distribute their 286 delegates to the candidates most preferred by their residents. In Florida and Ohio, the candidate that wins in the state gets all of the delegates. This makes these states make or break for Ohio Governor John Kasich and […]

John Kasich Produces Video Linking Trump and Nazi Germany

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio and a presidential candidate for the Republican Party released an ad on the Internet this week that links his competitor Donald Trump to the time of the Nazis in Germany. The spot, which is 60-seconds, is titled Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric. It features Tom Moe a retired Colonel in the […]

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio Enters GOP Race

Mixing spiritual with secular, John Kasich the Governor of Ohio on Tuesday becomes the 16th major candidate from the Republican Party to formally enter the race for his party’s nomination for president. In a long speech to announce his candidacy at Ohio State his alma mater, Governor Kasich cited this vast experience as both a […]

John Kasich Says Money Will Determine If He Runs for President

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio said this week that his presidential aspirations for 2016 depend on if he can raise sufficient money to compete with a number of rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. Kasich, who is 62, is thinking of running for the nomination, which could make him a potent force in the […]

Ohio Governor: Repeal Obamacare, but Not the Good Parts

On Monday, another political firestorm broke out when Ohio Governor John Kasich was quoted as saying the repeal of Obamacare would not happen. That view is nearly never heard, at least publicly, amongst the vast majority of Republicans, let alone those thinking about running for the presidency in 2016. Kasich however said his words were […]