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Hispanic Group Supported by Koch Brothers Airing Ads for Marco Rubio

While much focus has been placed on the race for the White House, election races for the Senate and House are heating up as November nears. With only two months remaining before the national election, a conservative nonprofit group that is funded by David and Charles Koch associates will launch ads on television in English […]

Clinton Up by 14% in Florida, Rubio Says Trump is Con Man, But Now Better Than Hillary

Democratic president nominee Hillary Clinton is leading her biggest opponent Donald Trump by a significant amount in Florida shows a poll released by Saint Leo University on Tuesday. The latest poll shows that Clinton has 52% of the support from likely voters in Florida, while 38% surveyed put their support with Trump. Gary Johnson the […]

Marco Rubio Campaign Suspended After Super Tuesday II

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida announced the suspension of his political campaign for the GOP nomination on Tuesday night following his convincing loss to front runner Donald Trump in the home state of Rubio. Rubio announced the suspension of his campaign to a group of disappointed supports in Miami ending the campaign he started with […]

Polls: Rubio Trails in Florida, Kasich Battling to Win Ohio

Just released polls show that Senator Marco Rubio is trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump in Florida, the home state of Rubio, primary to that state’s primary tomorrow. In one poll, Rubio has even fallen back to third place behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz. At the same time, John Kasich the Ohio Governor is locked in […]

Tuesday Primaries Are Make Or Break For Two Candidates

In the presidential primaries being held on Tuesday, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri will distribute their 286 delegates to the candidates most preferred by their residents. In Florida and Ohio, the candidate that wins in the state gets all of the delegates. This makes these states make or break for Ohio Governor John Kasich and […]

Marco Rubio Shows Signs of Life in GOP Debate

For a number of months, Florida senator Marco Rubio resisted taking on front-runner of the GOP Donald Trump, much to the GOP establishment’s chagrin. The reluctance evaporated into thin air during the final presidential debate on Thursday prior to hugely important Super Tuesday. Standing next to Trump, Rubio delivered blow after blow at the businessman. […]

Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Ad Attacking Rubio With Porn Actress

The presidential campaign for Ted Cruz has pulled an ad that attacked rival contender Senator Marco Rubio after it came to light that the ad features a former porn actress. Cruz’s campaign announced through a statement on Thursday it had replaced that commercial with another one after it learned of the background of Amy Lindsay […]

Rick Santorum Out of GOP Race, Endorses Rubio

Rick Santorum the former Senator from Pennsylvania ended another bid for the White House on Wednesday. He also announced that he would be supporting Marco Rubio, the freshman Florida senator for the presidential nomination of the GOP. Santorum announced on Wednesday that the best thing he could do was end his campaign. He said the […]

GOP Governors in New Hampshire Aiming at Marco Rubio

The surprisingly strong finish in Iowa by Marco Rubio in Monday’s caucuses shuffled the competition amongst the Republican presidential candidates for New Hampshire. That has led some to focus their attack on the Florida Senator leading up to the state’s primary next week. A sense of renewed urgency could be seen in New Hampshire as […]

Rival Factions Amongst Top Donors Behind Cruz and Rubio

The wealthy donors that have built a strong shadow of outside groups of the Republican Party are quickly moving into two equally deep-pocketed and mutually hostile factions, complicating the effort to deny the nomination of the party to Donald Trump, show reports filed on Sunday with the Federal Election Commission. Many of the financiers on […]

Marco Rubio: More Aid Needed for Persecuted Christians

Marco Rubio has called on members of the State Department to provide additional funding to held the persecuted Christians abroad and to apply sanctions on governments that oppress the religious minorities. Reports have suggested that the U.S. State Department is about to designate the terror by the Islamic State against the Yazidis as being genocide, […]

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to Face Off in Tuesday Night GOP Debate

Another Jeb Bush vs. Marco Rubio battle will set the stage in tonight’s debate of the GOP Presidential candidates. The fourth debate will pick up where the third one left off with former Florida Governor Bush needing to have a very strong showing and with his Super PAC picking a big fight with Senator Marco […]

Marco Rubio Personal Finances Facing More Scrutiny

On Wednesday, Marco Rubio the Republican presidential candidate tried to dismiss attacks on his own personal finances, calling them discredited as his opponents on both his right and left are casting new doubts over how he used a credit card from the Republican Party. Rubio in New Hampshire campaigning was faced with new fresh questions […]

Paul Singer Lends Support to Marco Rubio

One of the most influential and wealthiest Republican donors in the U.S. has thrown his support to Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The decision will likely swing millions of contribution dollars behind Rubio at a very critical point in the nominating battle amongst Republicans. The donor, Paul Singer, a billionaire investor from New York, is a […]

Marco Rubio Loses Clout with Hispanics But Enters 2016 Race

Marco Rubio the U.S. Senator from Florida who announced  he would run for president, will hit the campaign trail with his onetime strong hold on Hispanic voters slipping away, say political observers. It is an important demographic for Rubio and Jeb Bush a fellow Floridian will be fighting for in the GOP primaries. Winning the […]