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Martin O’Malley Stays with Call For 65,000 Syrian Refugees

Martin O’Malley has stayed with his call that the U.S. accept 65,000 refugees from Syria, even as a number of Republican governors announced on Monday they would refuse to allow the refugees in their states following the deadly attacks last week in Paris. There are women and children dying said O’Malley, from the same violence […]

Martin O’Malley Says American Dream Can Be Restored with Gun Control

According to published reports, Martin O’Malley, a Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate said that gun control would be part of his plan of restoring the country’s American Dream. O’Malley said that expanding the background checks for every purchase of a gun whether from an online posting, private sale or licensed dealer would be his first step. […]

O’Malley Sets Announcement Date for Presidential Intentions

Martin O’Malley will announce his intentions for the presidency on May 30 in the city of Baltimore. An aide for O’Malley said the former governor of Maryland would have a conference call with his supporters Thursday night to discuss plans he has for the upcoming presidential campaign. The aide was speaking on the condition of […]

Martin O’Malley Says U.S. Needs New Perspectives

Former governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, who is a potential presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, said on Sunday that the country needed fresh perspectives in order to confront its problems. He criticized the prospect of the Bush and Clinton families once again seeking residence in the White House. The United States presidency is not […]