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Republicans Take Majority in Senate Now Control Congress

Voters have handed control of the U.S. Congress to the Republicans for the first time since 2006. The GOP will now run Congress for the remaining time President Obama is in office. The Republicans swept to a strong victory in a number of contests across the nation, retaining every GOP-held seats that were up for […]

Republicans Ready to Gain on Obama Unpopularity

Republicans have become poised to gain seats to take control of the United States Senate in the midterm elections on Tuesday. The election outcome could be influenced heavily by the deep dissatisfaction of voters with the job performance of President Barack Obama. Concerns over the strength of the economy in the U.S., coupled with the […]

House Democrats Spending Money on Ads to Protect Seat in Nevada

National Democrats are purchasing ad time in an attempt to protect the suddenly vulnerable Nevada first term congressman, as a number of races in the House become more competitive just days shy of the November 4 midterm elections. The Democratic Congressional Committee will work together with Representative Steve Hosford’s reelection campaign to have commercials aired […]