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Paul Battling Critics While NSA Program for Data Collection Expires

Democrats and Republicans engaged in a strong round of pointing fingers on Monday after inaction by the Senate led to key programs in counterterrorism expiring. Included in those programs was the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection of phone records of Americans. Taking a great deal of the heat was Senator Rand Paul a Republican […]

NSA Winding Down Collection of Phone Records

The National Security Agency started to wind down its collection as well as storage of phone record in the U.S. after the Senate could not agree on a way to move forward to extend or change the program that at one time was top secret ahead of its scheduled expiration of May 31. Barring an […]

Republicans Have Showdown over Spy Program

On Tuesday, Senator Mitch McConnell said he was allowing a vote on new legislation that would overhaul the surveillance programs in the U.S., which could give the senator more leverage in the fight over the future of the National Security Agency. The move means that this week the Senate will hold a vote on the […]

Colbert Gives Security Talk at Conference

Stephen Colbert said he is not too worried about his emails being read by NSA. He said he did not necessarily want anyone reading his emails, but he was not a spy and does not run a crime syndicate. Colbert said he had things he did want other to know but he was not worried […]

New NSA Restrictions on Surveillance Implemented by Obama

On Friday, President Barrack Obama said in his first big speech about electronic surveillance that the U.S. is not carrying out spying on ordinary people who are not threat to the national security of the country. Obama put restrictions on accessing domestic phone records by the National Security Agency. However, the changes announced by the […]