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President Obama Focusing on Races for Senate While Campaigning

On Sunday, President Barack Obama campaigned in Nevada a battleground state for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton who wants to be his successor. However, Obama spent the majority of his time discussing the Senate race in the state. Democrats want to gain control again of the U.S. Senate on election day November 8. They are sending […]

President Obama: Republicans Need to Withdraw Trump Support

In what has been called an extraordinary denunciation of the competence and temperament of Donald Trump, President Barack Obama has urged the Republican Party leaders to withdraw their support for the candidacy of Trump, flatly saying he is unfit to serve as the 45th president of the nation. While speaking from the White House’s East […]

A Look At President Obama’s Last Memorial Day In Office

President Barack Obama marked his final Memorial Day as president with a series of events honoring the sacrifices of those in our military. On Sunday night, a free Memorial Day concert was held on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, headlined by The Beach Boys. On Monday morning, Obama hosted a breakfast for military […]

President Obama’s Historic Visit To Hiroshima Concludes

President Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, Japan on Friday, 71 years after the world’s first atomic strike demolished the city during WWII. In a solemn visit, the president offered his respects to the victims of the first deployed atomic bomb. An estimated 140,000 were killed during the bombing on Aug. […]

President Obama Shows Optimism On Historic Trip To Cuba

President Obama has become the first sitting president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. The historic visit symbolizes the first tentative openings between Cuba and the United States since the Cold War. Having an American president in Cuba for the first time in almost nine decades demonstrates the thawing of a half-century of […]

President Barack Obama Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama offered a long critique of the different members of the GOP running to replace him in the White House, describing them as troubling to the people around the world. He said that Donald Trump would not make a serious president. Speaking during a news conference from California following a summit […]

President Obama Confronts Fears of American in Address

President Barack Obama Tuesday night set forth his ambitious vision for the future of the U.S., but conceded his failure to heal the divisions politically that are holding back progress, calling it the lasting disappointment of his time in office. In a speech broadcast in primetime that avoided the usual list of policy prescription, Obama […]

President Obama to Appeal Ruling on Immigration to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to clear the way for the overhaul of far reaching proportions he made of the immigration system of the country. This will set up a big battle in the highest court in the country over whether more than 5 million undocumented immigrants will be able to […]

Obama Ordering Government Contractors to Offer Paid Sick Leave

U.S. President Barack Obama is signing an executive order in Boston on Monday that requires government contractors to offer paid sick leave of seven days per year to their employees said the White House. One senior adviser told reporters on Sunday that the U.S. was the only country in the developed world that did not […]

President Obama Says Talks Were Fruitful and Candid with Raul Castro

United States President Barack Obama arrived back in the U.S. late Saturday just a few hours after having a face to face historic meeting with Raul Castro the President of Cuba and a first meeting ever with Nicolas Maduro the President of Venezuela. The historic meetings took place in Panama during the Summit of the […]

Obama Learned of Private Email Use by Clinton from News

President Obama said he first learned that Hillary Clinton his former secretary of state had used her private email during her time with the state department from news reports; amidst reports the State Department and White House might have been aware as long ago as last August that Clinton was not using government email. Obama […]

Pence: Obama Needs Clear Strategy on ISIS

Mike Pence the Governor of Indiana said on Sunday that the White House had not articulated a strategy that is clear for combating the militant group Islamic State. The administration, said Pence, has not yet articulated the strategy and vision that will give the American people confidence as well as confidence to allies across the […]

Giuliani Defends Criticism of President Obama

Rudolph Giuliani the former Mayor of New York City adamantly defended his criticism on Thursday of President Barack Obama only a day after saying he does not think the president loves the United States. Giuliani made remarks on Wednesday during a private fundraiser for Scott Walker the Republican Governor of Wisconsin, who is considered by […]

Obama Proposing Tax of 14% on Profits Overseas

On Monday, President Barack Obama will give Congress his spending plan of $4 trillion for the 2016 fiscal year that includes billions of dollars in a request for public funds that are much needed in projects, an idea that has some bipartisan support but not much backing for his proposed increase in taxes to fund […]

Obama to Campaign for Gubernatorial Candidate in Maine

President Obama will head to Maine to rally voters for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, his latest in a number of appearances campaigning as the midterm elections draw closer. These appearances come after the president has been sidelined due to a low approval rating and his unpopularity of late in some states. Obama will head Thursday […]

Mitt Romney Blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for Ukraine Situation

Mitt Romney has blamed President Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton the former Secretary of State for the current problems in Ukraine. Romney also blames the two for other debacles in foreign policy citing failure in leadership on their part. The former presidential nominee from the Republican Party wrote in a Wall Street Journal […]

Obama and O’Reilly Square Off On Issues

On Sunday, an interview was aired prior to Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox News. Bill O’Reilly, a news show host on Fox News faced off with President Barrack Obama over the IRS scrutiny of conservative organizations, the problematic healthcare law rollout and the role played by the White House in the aftermath of the Libya […]