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Cruz Eyes Renewed Hope Amidst Stumbles by Trump

The GOP presidential nomination campaign of Ted Cruz has seen renewed hope in the fight against front runner Donald Trump, as the real estate mogul experienced one of its worst weeks of the race in 2016 coinciding with the countdown to Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary. A large loss for Trump this coming Tuesday in Wisconsin could […]

Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

On Tuesday morning, Scott Walker the Wisconsin Governor announced on a radio talk show that he was proud to be endorsing Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Walker said that following a great deal of time and thought, as well as much prayer about his decision, he decided that following many years of failure with Obama-Clinton it […]

Ted Cruz Tells Donald Trump to Leave Heidi Alone

On Thursday, Ted Cruz lashed out at the personal attack of Donald Trump toward Heidi Cruz his wife calling his GOP opponents in the Republican presidential race a coward. I rarely get angry, but when you mess with Heidi or my kids that will make me angry every time, said Cruz in Wisconsin. Trump is […]

John Kasich Campaign To Continue Despite Delegate Deficiency

Despite repeated calls from prominent members of the Republican Party to drop out of the race for president, Ohio Governor John Kasich has reiterated his commitment to stay in the contest for the long haul. His advisers are claiming that the race’s final stretch of 20 states put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position […]

Jeb Bush Announces His Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Former Republican candidate Jeb Bush announced that he was endorsing Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination saying that U.S. Senator Cruz from Texas represents the best chance for the party to win the White House. In prepared statement, the former governor of Florida called Cruz a principled, consistent conservative who demonstrated his ability to […]

Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Ad Attacking Rubio With Porn Actress

The presidential campaign for Ted Cruz has pulled an ad that attacked rival contender Senator Marco Rubio after it came to light that the ad features a former porn actress. Cruz’s campaign announced through a statement on Thursday it had replaced that commercial with another one after it learned of the background of Amy Lindsay […]

Rival Factions Amongst Top Donors Behind Cruz and Rubio

The wealthy donors that have built a strong shadow of outside groups of the Republican Party are quickly moving into two equally deep-pocketed and mutually hostile factions, complicating the effort to deny the nomination of the party to Donald Trump, show reports filed on Sunday with the Federal Election Commission. Many of the financiers on […]

Sarah Palin to Help Trump Fight Ted Cruz

With only 13 days left until the caucuses in Iowa, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are sending out different people to the state where the GOP electorate is very conservative and each wants to win very badly. Trump started his closing arguments in Iowa on Tuesday night when he was given an endorsement […]

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash in GOP Debate

Donald Trump and fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz clashed on Thursday in the most personal and sharpest encounters thus far in the ongoing campaign season. Trump said following the debate that the “bromance” has ended. The event, which lasted 2 ½ hours was sponsored by the Fox Business Network and was filled with a […]

Huckabee Ad Says Two Teds Exist on the Campaign Trail

Controversy is swirling over an audio clip of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz that is used in an ad by the Mike Huckabee Super PAC. Some however are saying that the audio was edited and was presented in a way that is misleading. However, on Sunday, Huckabee said nothing was selective and nothing was deceptive. […]

Ted Cruz Opens Lead of 10 Points Over Donald Trump

Ted Cruz is soaring in Iowa. In a recent poll, the U.S. Senator from Texas has passed Donald Trump in Iowa, opening a lead of 10 points in the critical first voting state in the nation. The new poll finds Cruz with a commanding lead of 31% of the likely GOP caucus goers in Iowa, […]

Ted Cruz Goes on the Attack in Iowa

For months, Senator Ted Cruz used a cloak in the race for the Republican nomination, organizing pastors and raising large amount of cash, but somehow avoiding any detection or tangling with the other candidates. However, that is no longer taking place. The Texas Senator is now in the crosshairs and dealing with daily attacks from […]

Ted Cruz is Working His Way Up the Polls

Political experts in a weekly ranking of candidates from the Republican Party in a national newspaper have been seeing a gradual rise in popularity of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Last week he was in sixth place and this week has been moved to fourth. Many see the Texas senator as showing signs of having […]

Ted Cruz Says Mitch McConnell is a Liar in Attack on Senate Floor

Breaching the usual standards for courtesy in the Senate, Ted Cruz one of the Republican presidential hopefuls said the leader of his party had violated his trust over a federal bank. In an attack that stunned many, Cruz on Friday accused Mitch McConnell the majority leader in the Senate of lying and saying he was […]

Cruz’s Father Heats Up Campaign with Comments

Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, is an evangelical pastor. He is a Cuban-American who is 76 years old and fled Cuba and the Batista regime during the 1950s. He is a very practiced speaker who can bring evangelicals up to their feet, which is a powerful weapon for son Ted in one of the biggest […]

Ted Cruz Enters the GOP Race for the White House

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz started a new phase in the race for the 2016 presidency when he officially declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination setting the stage for a battle amongst other members of the GOP eager to take the White House back. Saying in a speech on Monday at Liberty University […]

Ted Cruz: Democrats Will Be Victorious If GOP Candidate is Moderate

Texas Senator Ted Cruz predicted on Sunday that the Democrats would maintain the White House in the next election if the Republicans were to select as their nominee a moderate. Speaking at the Team Party Convention of South Carolina Cruz, who is a possible candidate for the presidency, referred disparagingly to consultants in politics, as […]

Cruz Takes Straw Poll Win

In one of their first auditions involving presidential themes, the two top Texan titans in politics performed as the lead acts on Saturday of the Republican Leadership Conference. Ted Cruz the Republican Senator and Rick Perry the Governor played to more than 1,500 conservatives blasting Washington and outlining their plans on how to make it […]

Cruz Blames President Obama and Reid for Shutdown

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz expressed no regrets regarding his role in the October government shutdown during an interview on national television. He in turn placed the blame for the shutdown of 16 days on the shoulders of President Obama, Senate Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders. Texas’s freshmen senator said he thought it […]