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White House Asks Congress for Authorization to Fight ISIS

President Obama and his White House administration circulated its proposal on Tuesday to authorize the Pentagon to fight the terrorist group Islamic State without a role that includes enduring offensive combat, an ambiguous phrase that is designed to make lawmakers happy that have different views over the need to have ground operations by the U.S. […]

White House: Obama to Ask Congress to Use Military Force against ISIS

It is expected that President Barack Obama will formally ask the U.S. Congress to authorize military force against the radical militant Islamic State terrorist group. This comes even though many lawmakers believe that crafting then passing such legislation would be difficult. The U.S. has carried out airstrikes on the group, most commonly referred to as […]

Climate Change Measures Announced by White House

The White House administration announced a number of initiatives involving climate change on Wednesday that were aimed at saving electricity supply; making flood planning at the local level better, as well as storm surges and coastal erosion; and better prediction of risks of landslides as the levels of the seas increase and droughts and storms […]

Clinton 1990s Scandal Resurfaces

Over 16 years have passed since the White House scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. The intern at the White House, who was 22 years of age, is now a 40 year old who keeps a low profile. Former President Bill Clinton, once embattled, has assumed a role as a global philanthropist and speaker. Hillary Clinton, the […]

White House Hopes Lifted After Budget Deal Reached

Successful deals made on Capitol Hill have altered Washington’s political dynamic raising hopes in the White House that stalled priorities for the second term like immigration reform might still come to fruition. The movement behind the recent success has been inside the House, where both parties overwhelmingly approved a budget of two-years and its Speaker […]

Longtime Aide to Obama Leaving White House

At the end of December, one of the longest serving presidential advisers to President Barack Obama will be leaving the White House. Pete Rouse, who has worked for Obama since the President was a Senator in Illinois, is scheduled to leave as part of a White House administration shake up due to the problems with […]