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Clinton Leads Polls For Presidential Hopefuls

Hillary Clintons holds a lead of double digits over potential challengers for the Republican Party Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as the likely presidential candidate from the Democratic Party moves closer to formally entering the race shows a new poll. Although Romney, Bush and Clinton are longtime politicians and part of political dynasties, voters are […]

Economic Proposals by Obama Add to 2016 Growing Debate

With both political parties on Capitol Hill fixated on coming up with new ideas to help the middle class in America, President Obama on Tuesday in his State of the Union Address called for free community college, more tax increases for the wealthy and paid and guaranteed sick leave. During his first six years as […]

Ted Cruz: Democrats Will Be Victorious If GOP Candidate is Moderate

Texas Senator Ted Cruz predicted on Sunday that the Democrats would maintain the White House in the next election if the Republicans were to select as their nominee a moderate. Speaking at the Team Party Convention of South Carolina Cruz, who is a possible candidate for the presidency, referred disparagingly to consultants in politics, as […]

Romney Signals an Interest in Running for President Again

Mitt Romney on Friday was clear that he spent the past week conveying to Republicans in private across the U.S. that he is considering running again for the White House in 2016. I am giving serious consideration to my future, said Romney to a group of other Republicans that had gathered for the winter meetings […]

Unemployed Man in Ohio Allegedly Planned Attack at U.S. Capitol

For months, Christopher Lee Cornell an Ohio man who is 20 years of age was on the FBI radar. Authorities said he wrote alarming posts on different social media sites, talking about a violet jihad. Agents arrested Cornell on Wednesday, before he could put into action his alleged bombing and shooting plot. Authorities said that […]

Treasury Nominee Withdraws Due to Opposition

Antonio Weiss who is a Lazard senior investment banker withdrew his name for consideration as a senior official in the Treasury Department on Monday in the face of opposition and will instead be a counselor to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. Weiss was nominated for the position of Under Secretary of the Treasury in the area […]

Illinois Inauguration Draws Thoughts of Corporate Influence

Bruce Rauner the soon to be inaugurated Governor of Illinois campaigned as the state’s reformer of often corrupt politics. However, watchdog groups have said that activities that surround his Monday inauguration are amongst the priciest of any prior or current governor and benefit from a loophole in the laws regarding campaign finance that allows the […]

Bob McDonnell Sentenced to Two Years Behind Bars

Bob McDonnell once had a political career that was very promising, tapped to give the Republican Party a rebuttal to the 2010 President Barack Obama State of the Union Address and considered a serious contender for the 2015 presidential race. Now the former Governor of Virginia had to watch it all crumble in front of […]

Republicans Take Over Congress on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Republicans will take control of both chambers of Congress. It is the first time in the past eight years and leaders of the GOP plan to move rapidly to confront the President and showcase their conservatism, including dismantling regulations set up by the government and austere budget cuts. However, the continuing divisions […]

White House Administration Hits North Korea with Sanctions

The White House imposed sanctions on Friday against members of the government of North Korean, amounting to the first official response by the U.S. government to the hacking against Sony Pictures. Despite some lingering questions from analysts at private security firms over whether the government of North Korea was the ones responsible for the cyber […]