Improve Your Future Financial Prospects Now

Your personal finances are so important, and you need to be sensible with them right now. You have a lot to think about when it comes to improving your financial security and making sure issues like debt and bankruptcy don’t rear their ugly heads. A lot of this is to do with the fact that […]

Trump’s Back and Forth on Economics

The economic policy announcements by President Donald Trump this week have been nothing short of back and forth, twisting and turning and flipping and flopping. From the currency manipulation by the Chinese to his choice as the Federal Reserve head, Trump has contradicted statements he made while on the presidential campaign trail. By doing so, […]

Trump Presidency: White House Turning into a Corporate Deal Making Arena

Even before the president elect Donald Trump lands into the Oval Office, he has already started walking the talk. Having rallied millions of Americans to vote for him with the promise of creating jobs locally and bringing back manufacturing to the US; Trump seem to be determined to start quenching their thirst way before setting […]

President-Elect Trump and United Technologies Reach Agreement

During a time when much of the country is analyzing the way president-elect Donald Trump will do his job, he demonstrated his best skill: Deal making. Trump and Mike Pence the Vice President-elect surprised many skeptics on Tuesday by convincing United Technologies to keep nearly 1,000 jobs at its Carrier, Indiana manufacturing plant rather than […]

The economics of a Trump Presidency

Coming as a shock to the whole world after the US Election Day, from January 20th 2017 at noon time, president elect Donald J Trump will fully assume office as the 45th president of the United States of America. That he is taking over from an incumbent is huge enough to make markets jittery as […]

Saudis Complete Plan for Economic Diversification

Officials in Saudi Arabia have finalized their detailed plan for the kingdom’s economic diversity, in an attempt to move from oil dependence and have sent the plan to be approved by the cabinet said officials earlier this week. The NTP or National Transformation Program will carry out Vision 2030 a document of 84 pages released […] Offers an Alternative to

DALLAS, TEXAS –® offers a way for Texas residents to find the right energy plan for them at the best possible price. Consumers recently complained about deceptively low prices on, a website managed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The team strives to prevent this by offering a consultative and confusion-free […]

Obama Mentions Idea of Free Community College

President Barack Obama unveiled his idea to have free community college for all in a video that he posted on Facebook Thursday night. However, officials in the White House administration provided no legislation, no price tag and little real evidence of support by Republicans on Capitol Hill. However, the White House said that was not […]

Elected Officials in San Diego Defy Mayor

On Monday, the City Council of San Diego overrode a veto of the mayor on a measure to gradually increase the city’s minimum wage to reach $11.50 by the start of 2017. San Diego is the second largest California city and has enacted the measure that is aimed, for the most part, at helping the […]

Barack Obama Talks Up Africa Deals

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama said that the United States government, the World Bank and corporations would invest $33 billion in the economy of Africa, showcasing the economic ties in America to a continent where investment and trade are dominated more and more by Europe and China. Obama announced that the U.S. would finance $7 […]

Rail Service in Philly Resumes After Intervention by Obama

Philadelphia’s commuter rail service was restored on Sunday only hours after its workers were back on the job following a strike that was ended after President Obama had intervened, said officials from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. A spokesperson from SEPTA said all of the morning shift workers for Sunday had showed up for work […]

Republican and Democratic Governors Battle over Minimum Wage

Democrats, including President Obama are attempting to use the annual meeting of the state’s governors in Washington to gain support for increasing the U.S. minimum wage, as their GOP counterparts argue jobs would be killed by increasing it. Mary Fallin, a the GOP governor of Oklahoma is against increasing the minimum wage saying it would […]