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Study: Voter ID Laws Decrease Black Voter Turnout

Requiring voters to have a photo ID to cast their vote lowers the turnout off voters, concluded a nonpartisan watchdog from Congress in a huge report released on Wednesday. The reports said that young, newly registered and black voters were the most likely to stay away. In contrast, Government Accountability Office researchers said they could […]

Bobby Jindal Considering Running in 2016

On Monday, Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana said he was still thinking as well as praying about a possible run for the presidency in 2016, while urging the Republicans to lay out a positive platform and back strong defense spending prior to the election in 2016. The Governor said he did not have a […]

Biden Makes Apology to Turkey President

United States Vice President Joe Biden had claimed that Gulf States and Turkey were funding any group that would fight against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Recep Tayyip Erdogan the President of Turkey is not thought of as being a leader who will readily admit mistakes. Vice President Biden is known for his ability to make […]

Obama Gets Heckled While Defending Immigration Delay

President Barack Obama was attempting to reenergize and reassure Hispanics on Thursday who are angry, disenchanted as well as frustrated following his decision to put a delay on his executive actions regarding deportations that could protects millions from being deported from the United States. Some of the frustration boiled over during a speech Obama gave […]

Scott Brown Did Not Attend Hearings on Border Security

Republican Scott Brown the former senator from Massachusetts has run a number of attack ads that criticized Senator Jeanne Shaheen a Democrat representing New Hampshire, for not securing the border between the United State and Mexico. However, while a member of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee of the Senate, Brown missed the six […]

Jerry Brown Signs First Affirmative Consent Law

California Governor Jerry Brown said on Sunday that he had signed a new law making California the first state in the country to define when actually “yes means yes,” as well as adopt new requirements for all colleges and universities to follow when there is an investigation dealing with sexual assault. Last month lawmakers in […]

Poll: Over Half of Americans Say Third Party is Needed in Politics

Over 58% of Americans have said that the United States is in need of a third political party due to the existing Democratic and Republican parties doing a poor job in their representation of the people. A recent Gallup poll that was conducted in September showed that over half of the people in the U.S. […]

Jim Webb Deciding Whether to Run in 2016

Jim Webb the former senator from Virginia said on Wednesday he was seriously considering a presidential bid in 2016. He said he would decide between now and February. The Democrat said he was seriously considering it while he was at the National Press Club making an appearance. Webb said he has had a great deal […]

Tight Races in Senate Could be Influenced by Immigration

This summer when the race for the U.S. Senate heated up in Arkansas, Mark Pryor was under attack from his congressional opponent with an inaccurate and nasty ad that claimed the Democrat supported giving benefits of social security to people with forged identities who worked illegally in the U.S. Michelle Nunn a Democratic candidate in […]

Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire for Video

A gubernatorial candidate from Maine who is a Democrat has come under fire from the Republicans for his promotion of a video that has a rap song, which makes a sexual reference to Senator Susan Collins who is a Republican. Michael Michaud’s campaign insists it did not pay or oversee what the contents of the […]