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CNBC Moderators Criticized Following Third GOP Debate

Following the third GOP debate in which the candidates seemed to spend too much time sparring with the moderators than with each other, the Republican National Committee chairman declared that CNBC, which hosted the debate, ought to be ashamed. Reince Priebus the RNC chairman said one great thing about the GOP is there can be […]

John Boehner Clinches Budget Deal Prior to Leaving House

House Republican leaders were able to reach a budget deal with the White House just prior to Monday midnight aimed at averting another government shutdown and debt crisis. John Boehner the House Speaker made one last appeal to the restive Republicans: Pass this agreement that was hard won with the President prior to Rep. Paul […]

Obama Says the Republicans Are Like Grumpy Cat

U.S. President Barack Obama is not running the White House in 2016. However, he has already jumped into the role of campaigner in chief, as he has already likened the Republican candidates to Grumpy Cat, an Internet meme that depicts the unhappy cat. Obama on Friday, became fired up when he took center stage at […]

Hillary Clinton Being Grilled on Capitol Hill in Benghazi Hearing

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton confronted critics from the Republican Party on the House Benghazi committee in the inquiry into the attacks that in 2012 killed four Americans. Testifying in the cavernous and ornate assembly room, which is home to the Ways and Means Committee in the House, Clinton hailed the memory of Ambassador to Libya […]

Hillary Clinton Holds Large National Lead over Bernie Sanders

Aided by her solid performance in the first debate for the Democrats Hillary Clinton regained control of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination of which she had lost some ground because of a controversial summer. She now has a commanding lead over second place Senator Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination. Vice President Joe […]

Donald Trump Critical of George W. Bush on 9/11, Jeb Pushes Back

Donald Trump the frontrunner of the Republican presidential candidates again provoked a back and forth tossing of barbs on Friday by saying George W. Bush the former president must share part of the blame for the attacks of September 11, 2001. Trump has made it obvious he dislikes the Bush family and frequently has baited […]

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Reaches Deal with Prosecutors

Attorneys for Dennis Hastert the former House Speaker said on Thursday that he was planning to plead guilty to one indictment that has alleged he agreed to pay $3.5 million of hush money to cover up his wrongdoing from many years ago. John Gallo an attorney for Hastert said that a written agreement for a […]

Ted Cruz is Working His Way Up the Polls

Political experts in a weekly ranking of candidates from the Republican Party in a national newspaper have been seeing a gradual rise in popularity of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Last week he was in sixth place and this week has been moved to fourth. Many see the Texas senator as showing signs of having […]

Bernie Sanders Touting Iraq War Vote before Debate

Three days prior to the first debate of the Democratic Party presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders’s campaign is reminding voters Saturday that he voted in 2002 against the Iraq War, emailing out his speech of 13 years ago on the floor of the House. Going into the faceoff Tuesday night on CNN, this email was the […]

Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Bid for House Speaker, Vote Postponed

Kevin McCarthy the Majority Leader of the House abruptly pulled out of the Speaker of the House race on the day it was widely expected he would be nominated for that same position. McCarthy told a field of reporters that if the Republicans are to unite and become strong a new face needs to help […]