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Democratic Debate: Sanders and Clinton Find Common Ground

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred during their latest Democratic debate over immigration Wednesday night, just days prior to a crucial contest in Florida. However, the two directed their biggest strikes toward Donald Trump the front-runner of the Republican race. Sanders and Clinton, competing to win the Hispanic vote in next Tuesday’s primary […]

Donald Trump Wins Three States, Bernie Sanders Takes Michigan

Donald Trump was an easy winner against his rivals from the Republican Party in the Mississippi and Michigan primaries on Tuesday and was victorious in the Hawaii caucuses. This helped the Republican frontrunner regain some momentum as resistance has intensified towards his campaign amongst party leaders. Bernie Sanders the U.S. Senator from Vermont was an […]

Joe Biden in Israel to Discuss Military Aid and Patch Relationship

United States Vice President Joseph Biden arrives Tuesday in Israel to again patch up the relations between the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister after a deeply partisan and very public spat over the nuclear deal in Iran last year. Biden will meet Netanyahu on Wednesday in Jerusalem when they will work to […]

Candidates Focus On North Carolina With Bill Clinton in Raleigh

On Monday morning, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of an event to help campaign for wife Hillary. Both Hillary Clinton and GOP Donald Trump were hitting the campaign trail hard during the weekend and that will continue in North Carolina all week. Bill Clinton’s Monday […]

U.S. Allowing Egyptian Student Who Threatened Trump to Leave

An student from Egypt who is studying at a flight school in Southern California and facing deportation for a threat posted on Facebook against Donald Trump one of the GOP presidential candidates was given the authorization to leave the U.S. voluntarily, said a spokesperson law enforcement. During a Friday morning hearing, at a downtown U.S. […]

Ben Carson Sees No Path Ahead and Ends Candidacy

Ben Carson the retired neurosurgeon and only Republican to at one time threaten Donald Trump’s lead in national polls announced on Wednesday that he did not see any path forward and would skip Thursday’s debate in Detroit, his hometown, signaling that his candidacy has ended after poor results in the nominating primaries and caucuses. Dr. […]

Super Tuesday Sees Clinton and Trump with Big Wins

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump left Super Tuesday with dominant positions in their respective party races for the presidential nomination, which brought each one closer to clash in the November general election. Trump swamped rivals by winning seven states and demonstrating a broad appeal for his movement described by many as anti-establishment. Clinton enjoyed a […]

National Poll Shows Trump Trailing both Clinton and Sanders

Both remaining candidates from the Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination easily top the Donald Trump front runner of the Republican in a general election hypothetical poll. The new poll has Hillary Clinton, the front runner in the presidential nomination for her party, would likely have more of a challenge should Senators Marco Rubio […]

Systemic Racism Focus Of Hillary Clinton Speeches In Tennessee

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at two black churches in Tennessee on Sunday, vowing to “tackle the continuing challenge of systemic racism.” She was in the state meeting constituents before the important Super Tuesday primaries, where eleven states will cast their votes for their preferred presidential nominee. During her visit to the state, she also […]

Racial Controversies of Donald Trump Put GOP in Difficult Situation

It was only a couple of days ago that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was pressed to respond to support from David Duke the former leader of the KKK. Trump answered that he did not know Duke had endorsed him and said he disavowed it. However, on Sunday Trump was again asked about support from […]

Clinton Wins Big in South Carolina, Holds Super Tuesday Momentum

Hillary Clinton resoundingly won the South Carolina primary to take back the front-runner status in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination with a lopsided win over her opponent Bernie Sanders that worked as a great send off for Super Tuesday. For Sanders, the nearly 50-point defeat has crystallized the weakness he has with black […]

Marco Rubio Shows Signs of Life in GOP Debate

For a number of months, Florida senator Marco Rubio resisted taking on front-runner of the GOP Donald Trump, much to the GOP establishment’s chagrin. The reluctance evaporated into thin air during the final presidential debate on Thursday prior to hugely important Super Tuesday. Standing next to Trump, Rubio delivered blow after blow at the businessman. […]

Cruz and Rubio Promise to Stop Trump

The rivals of Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination tried to show themselves as the perfect candidate on Wednesday night in an attempt to block the path of Trump to the party’s nomination and then defeat the probable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the November general election. Speaking in Houston during a special forum […]

Donald Trump Just Keeps on Winning

The predictions about the candidacy of Donald Trump the last eight months have been disproved time and time again, beginning with the idea he would not run, that his statements that border on outrageous would undermine his overall appear, that voters would appear at rallies due to his entertainment value but not vote when the […]

Cruz Changes His Tune on Undocumented Immigrants

Ted Cruz changed his stance to a policy that is more aggressive on deportation in an interview Monday night. The Republican presidential candidate said he would search for, apprehend and then deport undocumented immigrants by using agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE, which marks a change from his stance taken back in January. […]

Uphill Climb by Bernie Sanders Getting Steeper and Steeper

On Sunday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders promised to fight on following his loss in the Nevada caucuses. He predicted that he would be able to pull off an upset of historic proportion by the summer’s Democratic Party convention. However, the delegate count that is often times overlooked in the Democratic primary shows Sanders has slipped […]

Donald Trump Victorious in South Carolina, Jeb Bush Drops Out

Donald Trump had a week insults during his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, but finished it off with a strong win in the South Carolina primary. The win was the biggest evidence to date that his campaign is headed toward winning him his party’s nomination. None of the rivals battling with Trump were close […]

Donald Trump Says He Respects the Pope

Republican voters were able to see both ends of the ideological spectrum of their party in a town hall present by CNN on Thursday night in Columbia, South Carolina. John Kasich the Ohio Governor, who is appealing to the mainstream vote, started the night with unifying rhetoric as he talked about his record of expanding […]

President Obama Will Visit Cuba, Pushing Forward Relations

Next month President Barack Obama will visit Cuba in what represents a huge step in the efforts of the president to improve relations between the U.S. and the communist-led Caribbean island nation. The move will be announced on Thursday and suggests that Obama is determined to push forward with what he considers as another legacy […]

President Barack Obama Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama offered a long critique of the different members of the GOP running to replace him in the White House, describing them as troubling to the people around the world. He said that Donald Trump would not make a serious president. Speaking during a news conference from California following a summit […]

Tightening Democratic Race in Nevada Threatens Clinton Lead

With less than a full week before the caucuses in Nevada, the political nightmare of Hillary Clinton arrived at a restaurant close to the Strip in Las Vegas. Over 100 activists packed between a buffet of curry and a sign that supported Bernie Sanders. They made commitments for the caucus, they talked and they cheered […]

Kentucky Lawmaker: Men Need Note from Wife to Buy Viagra

Tired from what she said is the government inserting itself into the private lives of women, a lawmaker in Kentucky has said she will return the favor. Democrat Mary Lou Marzian from Louisville has introduced a measure that would force males who want to use drugs for erectile dysfunction to have to do a number […]

Death of Scalia Puts Court into Presidential Spotlight

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death has put a topic that was second-tier into the spotlight of the presidential campaign as amongst the first acts of the new president will likely be nominating a new justice who would determine the balance of power in the Supreme Court. Potential openings on the court have not been […]

Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Ad Attacking Rubio With Porn Actress

The presidential campaign for Ted Cruz has pulled an ad that attacked rival contender Senator Marco Rubio after it came to light that the ad features a former porn actress. Cruz’s campaign announced through a statement on Thursday it had replaced that commercial with another one after it learned of the background of Amy Lindsay […]

Bernie Sanders Gives President Obama’s Immigration Criticism

Bernie Sanders is increasing the pressure on the White House administration over the immigration enforcement initiatives taking fresh aim at the controversial program only days prior to the presidential contest for Democrats in Nevada. Sanders through a letter he wrote with Raul Grijalva a Democrat from Arizona, criticizes the Priority Enforcement Program that is in […]