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Rowdy First Debate Dominated by Donald Trump

Donald Trump was the dominate player in the first Republican debate held in Cleveland on Thursday night. His performance could be described as volatile, pugnacious and like always controversial. Trump showed he could receive a punch, facing many tough questions from the moderators on Fox News that cited his outlandish comments and his business history. […]

Trump: I Want to be Civil in GOP Debate

When the top 10 GOP candidates for the party’s presidential nomination take to the stage on Thursday for the first of many debates during the election campaign, all eyes will be focused on the current frontrunner Donald Trump. The Republican businessman is leading his fellow members of the GOP and winning the media war. Trump […]

Donald Trump: Strengthen Military, Eliminate Affordable Care Act

With just three days before the first Republican debate, Donald Trump finally started to reveal what his White House administration would focus on if he were to be elected in November of 2016. On Monday, Trump said that his first few items on the agenda if he were elected would be to increase the strength […]

Fox News Leaves Many Questions Unanswered Over Debate

With just five days left until the first primary debate on Fox News all eyes are on the network. The Republican presidential debate is set for Thursday August 6th in Cleveland. However, the network has left a great deal unsaid up to now. The cable network to date has not revealed which polls it is […]

Sanders Lobbies for Endorsement from AFL-CIO

Citing his long record in the legislature and the improving opinion polls, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told AFL-CIO leaders on Wednesday that he was the best equipped candidate to advance the benefits and rights of organized labor. Although no mention of rivals came up, Sanders, who is one of many candidates to address the executive […]

House and Senate on Course to Collide on Highway Bill

Senators overruled conservative opposition on Monday and added a new measure reviving the Export-Import Bank to highway legislation that must pass. However, Republicans in the House declared the transportation bill in the Senate was dead on arrival. It is politics as usual. These developments set the chambers on a head-on collision course just days prior […]

Ted Cruz Says Mitch McConnell is a Liar in Attack on Senate Floor

Breaching the usual standards for courtesy in the Senate, Ted Cruz one of the Republican presidential hopefuls said the leader of his party had violated his trust over a federal bank. In an attack that stunned many, Cruz on Friday accused Mitch McConnell the majority leader in the Senate of lying and saying he was […]

Border Patrol Pulls Agents from Trump Event

The border patrol agents union said its members would not take part in Donald Trump’s visit on Thursday to tour the border between Texas and Mexico, saying that event was too politicized. Hector Garza, the Local 2455 President of the National Border Patrol Council said to be clear, an endorsement never was discussed for any […]

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio Enters GOP Race

Mixing spiritual with secular, John Kasich the Governor of Ohio on Tuesday becomes the 16th major candidate from the Republican Party to formally enter the race for his party’s nomination for president. In a long speech to announce his candidacy at Ohio State his alma mater, Governor Kasich cited this vast experience as both a […]

Republicans Fire Barbs Back at Donald Trump

Republican candidates for the Party’s nomination immediately fire barbs back on social media at Donald Trump expressing outrage after his comment that insinuated that Senator John McCain might not have been a war hero. Some candidates used the opportunity to speak about Trump and other opponents as well during a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa […]