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Spies, Hackers and Scammers on the Campaign Trail

Political campaigns have become hotbeds of mischief and criminal activity, but not in the way, you might believe. The pressure cooker, fly by night environment of campaigns makes them vulnerable in a unique way to criminals and hackers and campaign operatives say experts in cybersecurity. In addition, a data mining system is essential for modern […]

Perry Testifies at Congressional Field Hearing

The thousands of children from Central America who are entering illegally into the United States are both a national security and humanitarian crisis, said Governor Rick Perry of Texas on Thursday at a South Texas Congressional Field Hearing. Over 52,000 children who were unaccompanied have been detained by authorities since October of 2013. Three fourths […]

Protesters Stop Buses In California with Undocumented Immigrants Aboard

In southern California, angry protesters made a human wall to block three buses that carried undocumented immigrants. The buses were forced to turn around without any clear destination. The immigrants were traveling from the southern part of Texas to outside of San Diego for processing at the Border Patrol Station in Murrieta, when the angry […]

High Court Rules Against Obamacare

On Monday, the Supreme Court rule that companies that were closely held cannot be required to cover the payment of some types of employee contraceptives. The court ended the term with a narrow political and legal setback for a highly controversial part of the healthcare reform measure by President Obama. By a decision of 5-4, […]

Student Leaders at UNLV Ask Clinton to Donate Speaker Fee

Student leaders at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Friday made a request through a letter addressed to family foundation of Hillary Clinton that she do the right thing and donate some or all of her speaking fee of $225,000 for speaking to the UNLV Foundation, back to UNLV for the benefit of the […]

Candidate Backed By Tea-Party Might Challenge Runoff Result

The challenger who lost a close runoff GOP race to Thad Cochran the Senator from Mississippi and is Tea Party backed, said on Wednesday he is contemplating challenging the runoff results. Cochran was the winner of the race by just a 6,373-vote margin this past Tuesday night over Chris McDaniel a state Senator. However, McDaniel […]

GOP Using Large Amounts of Cash for Seat in Long Island

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are watching an important race where two Republicans, of which both are conservative, are hoping they can unseat the incumbent, a Democrat who is seeking a seventh term in Congress as a representative from eastern Long Island. State Senator Lee Zeldin will face off against George Demos a former […]

White House Promises Faster Deportations

The White House administration announced it would work to process and then deport undocumented immigrants quicker. The administration also said a new center for detention for families that cross the border would be opened. A news agency has reported that the new facility will be located in New Mexico at the Federal Law Enforcement Training […]

Rival Challenges for House Control as GOP is Split

The swift election by Republicans for new leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives will not heal the divisions in the party though U.S. lawmakers said it provides insulation from any challenges to John Boehner’s position as Speaker following midterm elections. Kevin McCarthy a Representative from California who is supported by the tech industry as […]

Supreme Court and Free Speech in Social Networks

The Supreme Court of the U.S. will decide soon how far the free speech concept protects those who abuse or threaten on sites that are social media. The court has taken on the Anthony Elonis case. Four years ago, he ranted on Facebook about his at the time estranged wife. The man from Pennsylvania posted […]