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Prospective Candidates for the White House Spar over Law in Indiana

The controversy over the religious freedom law in Indiana has opened a predictable divide amongst the presidential race of 2016, as Republicans come to its defense while Democrats condemn it as discriminatory legislation against lesbians and gays. Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who is looked at with suspicion by a number of social conservatives […]

Martin O’Malley Says U.S. Needs New Perspectives

Former governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, who is a potential presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, said on Sunday that the country needed fresh perspectives in order to confront its problems. He criticized the prospect of the Bush and Clinton families once again seeking residence in the White House. The United States presidency is not […]

Governor of Indiana Signs Religious Objections Bill

Mike Pence the Indiana Governor vigorously defended the religious objections legislations that he signed on Thursday into law as organizations and businesses including the NCAA expressed concerns it could allow for legalizing discrimination against people who are gay. Indiana is the first state to put such a change into law this year amongst about 12 […]

Former U.S. Congressman Will be Released on Thursday from Prison

Jesse Jackson Jr. a former member of the U.S. Congress is scheduled to be released on Thursday from federal prison and then transferred to a halfway house in Washington D.C. said his friend Patrick Kennedy a former member of Congress as well. Jackson was serving his sentence of 30 months in Montgomery, Alabama in a […]

Ted Cruz Enters the GOP Race for the White House

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz started a new phase in the race for the 2016 presidency when he officially declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination setting the stage for a battle amongst other members of the GOP eager to take the White House back. Saying in a speech on Monday at Liberty University […]

Criminal Inquiry Opened for Congressman Who Resigned

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Aaron Schock the Illinois Representative over his business deals and congressional expenses. FBI agents started to issue subpoenas to a person who is familiar with his case, witnesses and others said a news agency on Friday. Investigators were putting their focus on the House office expenses for Schock, […]

Obama Criticizes GOP Budget Plan

President Barack Obama has criticized the budget proposal by House Republicans during a visit on Wednesday to Cleveland. The President moved the fiscal plans by the GOP as a path towards prosperity for those who already have prospered. Obama said the recovery in the U.S. from the recession when he took office demonstrated that critics […]

GOP Offering Outline of Budget with Cuts in Food Stamps and Medicare

The Republicans currently control Congress and are offering their blueprint of a budget this week, with a pledge to balance the budget for the country within the next decade, while reining in big programs such as Medicare and food stamps. More pressing for most Republicans however is pulling back on automatic budget cuts that will […]

Garcia Bid for Mayor Excites Hispanics

Chicago has the largest population in the U.S. of residents who were born in Mexico and one is Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. He is running for mayor and if elected he would be the first Mexican-born mayor in the history of the city. That possibility has set off interest nationwide in the mayoral race, particularly amongst […]

Human Trafficking Bill Stalled Over Anti-Abortion Content

Harry Reid the Minority Leader in the Senate told House Republicans on Wednesday that unless they took a provision that was anti-abortion from the human trafficking bill, the popular measure was doomed. Reid said that the Senate on Wednesday was doing something good as it had the chance to address the legislation on human trafficking, […]