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President Trump Visits Israel for First Time as U.S. President

U.S. President Donald Trump began his first visit on Monday to Israel as the U.S. president. The stop is for two-days and will include talks about restarting the now-dormant peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Trump was in Saudi Arabia for the weekend prior to landing in Israel. In Saudi Arabia, Trump was given […]

President Donald Trump: Russia Investigation is Just a Witch Hunt

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said there had been no collusion between his political campaign and Russia and added a caveat that he only could speak for himself, while denying ever asking James Comey the former FBI Director to stop the agency’s investigation of Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser. Trump made his comments […]

Former Nixon and Clinton Aide Said Impeachment Territory Reached

David Gergen, who is considered moderate and who is an analyst on CNN and a former aide to four U.S. presidents both Democrats and Republicans, said he believes that impeachment territory has been reached. Gergen appeared Tuesday on a CNN show to discuss controversies during the past week that have hit the White House administration. […]

Charlottesville Mayor: Pro-Confederate Rallies are Horrific

On Saturday night in Charlottesville, Virginia, a white nationalist group carried torches while they protested a planned removal of the city’s Confederate statues, in an incident that provoked frustration and anger from activists and politicians. The carriers of the torches, which a local newspaper described as several dozen, were reacting to a vote by the […]

Ex-Congresswoman Facing Possible Life Behind Bars

Former U.S. Representative Corrine Brown is facing possible life in prison after she was found guilty of taking money from a charity that purportedly gave scholarships to students who were poor. The verdict on Thursday came after a pattern of fraud had been established by prosecutors of both Brown and a top aide that included […]

President Donald Trump Fires Director of the FBI

On Tuesday, James B Comey was fired as the FBI Director by President Donald Trump, after officials in the Department of Justice recommended the firing. Officials said Comey had treated Hillary Clinton unfairly and by doing so had damaged the Justice Department and FBI credibility. The surprising development arrives as Comey was heading up an […]

White House Tells Republicans They Will be Rewarded for Vote

One of President Donald Trump’s top aides said that members of the Republican Party would be rewarded for what he called doing what is right by voting for overhauling a collapsing and failing healthcare system. At the same time, Democrats as well as one or more outside groups have started to lay the groundwork for […]

Presidential Order Allows Churches to Participate Politically

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed another executive order, with this one making it easier for the participation in politics by churches. The order seeks to deliver on one of the pledges he made during his campaign to a group that overwhelmingly gave him support in last November’s election. The executive order, which was unveiled […]

Group Founded by Betsy DeVos Lobbies for Voucher Program in D.C.

The Advocacy and Lobbying group the American Federation for Children founded by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ billionaire family is a 501(c)(4) group that calls itself the leading school choice organization in the nation. According to its official website it is also affiliated with the political committee American Federation for Children Action Fund that supports […]

Congress Reaches Bipartisan Agreement to Prevent Shutdown

Bipartisan leaders in Congress reached an agreement last Sunday to fund the U.S. government through the end of the fiscal year in September, effectively bringing to an end any suspense related to a possible shutdown of the government next weekend. A vote still must be taken by all members of Congress, but the agreement includes […]

President Trump Thought Being President Would Be Easier

Reflecting on his first 100 days as the U.S. President that has seen no big legislative victory and very low approval ratings, Donald Trump said during a Thursday interview that he thought his job as president would be easier. Trump said he loved his previous life and had many things that were taking place, but […]

Judge Uses Comment by President Trump in Ruling

Three times in just two months a federal judge knocked down an executive order related to immigration by President Donald Trump. This time he used Trump’s own comments against him. On Tuesday, in his ruling Judge William Orrick used a quote of Trump as support for his decision to put a block on the executive […]

Fight for Border Wall Approaches in Attempt to Avoid Shutdown

Battles over finding money to pay the construction of a U.S./Mexico border wall, the Obamacare subsidies and more resources for U.S. military threaten to be problematic for congressional negotiations over the funding bill that would stave off a shutdown of the government on Friday. Bipartisan negotiators are weeks into working methodically through different issues to […]

President Trump Attempting To Repeal ACA Again

Approaching his 100th day in office without any action taken on Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump is back to pushing for a vote on a House bill that would roll back the law established in 2010. However, even as Republicans in the House and White House officials continue discussing possible changes […]

Vice President Pence Says North Korea Should Not Test U.S. Resolve

On Monday, United States Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea it could receive the same treatment as Afghanistan and Syria, both of which the White House bombed recently, if it were to continue with its nuclear testing program. The stern warning, delivered by the vice president in Seoul following his visit to the demilitarized […]

Trump’s Back and Forth on Economics

The economic policy announcements by President Donald Trump this week have been nothing short of back and forth, twisting and turning and flipping and flopping. From the currency manipulation by the Chinese to his choice as the Federal Reserve head, Trump has contradicted statements he made while on the presidential campaign trail. By doing so, […]

Economists: U.S. Economy Needs Immigrants

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump and top leaders in Congress on Wednesday, close to 1,500 economists outlined the benefits brought into the U.S. economy by immigrants and urged the U.S. Congress to modernize the immigration system in the country. The letter stated that immigration was one of the significant competitive advantages the […]

White House Returns to Square One With Tax Reform

President Donald Trump has returned to square one with his tax reform as he seeks wide-ranging support from Republicans beyond legislation to give the tax systems an overhaul. Officials in the White House said that it was now unlikely an overhaul in taxes would meet the deadline of August set by Secretary Mnuchin. The Trump […]

Government Wants to Know Trump Critic on Twitter

Twitter on Thursday filed a lawsuit to block that order it received from Homeland Security seeking the microblogging site to reveal its user of an account that has been very critical of the immigration policies of President Donald Trump’s administration. Tweets from account – @ALT_uscis – seem to indicate it is operated by a person […]

Susan Rice Denies leaking Names of Officials in Intelligence Reports

Former national security adviser under President Barack Obama Susan Rice said on Tuesday she absolutely never looked to uncover names of Trump campaign and transition officials for political purposes who were concealed in intercepts by intelligence and said suggestions she leaked their identities were completely false. Rice said she did not leak anything to anybody […]

Senate Facing Showdown over Nomination of Neil Gorsuch

The Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch faces its most dramatic week to date as senators are preparing to make important votes that could cause a splintering of the chamber and a divisive change in the rules imposed by the Republicans that would ensure that by Friday they can confirm him to the high court. […]

Ex-Trump Advisor Michael Flynn Seeking Immunity

Former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, is seeking immunity to give testimony on the alleged meddling by Russia in the November election, said his lawyers. One of his attorneys said Flynn has a story to tell however he needs to guard against any unfair prosecution. The allegations are being investigated by […]

Challenges on Rollback of Climate Policies to Come

Opponents of the decision by President Donald Trump to rollback policies of climate change put in place by former President Barack Obama say they are going to organize a campaign to pursue legal means to challenge it. New York and California issued one joint statement that said they were continuing to fight climate change. Environmental […]

President Trump Creating American Innovation Office

President Donald Trump on Monday will unveil a new agency in the White House named the Office of American Innovation that will be run by Jared Kushner his son-in-law. The agency will have extensive powers of overhauling procedures at a federal level and possibly privatize certain responsibilities now held by the government, through collective ideas […]

Republicans in Senate Vote to Repeal Rules on Internet Privacy

Lawmakers from the GOP moved on Thursday to tear down landmark protections covering Internet privacy for consumers in a first decisive strike against technology and telecommunications regulations created under the Barack Obama administration and what is looked at as the beginning of more deregulation. In a vote of 50-48 that was partisan voting, the Republican […]