A Super PAC that backs a possible presidential run by Hillary Clinton known as Ready for Hillary announced on Tuesday that it raised over $4 million during 2013 from over 33,000 donors.

The group, which is grassroots focused, say activity increased during late 2013, with over 25,000 new contributors helping in the last six months of 2013.

Clinton the former first lady and secretary of state, has said that she could decide about a presidential bid for 2016 as early as the end of 2014.

In a prepared statement, the executive director for Ready for Hillary, Adam Parkhomenko said that thanks to a large amount of enthusiasm for the potential run by Hillary and the steadfast commitment from supporters, the organization exceeded the annual goals of raising funds.

He added that the group was well ahead of schedule in receiving funds that are necessary to build its grassroots army so it will be ready to be activated the moment a decision is made by Mrs. Clinton.

The super PAC Ready for Hillary has ramped up its activity in the early states. One senior advisor for the organization, Craig Smith, who has a longtime association with the Clintons, was in New Hampshire Monday along with the deputy director of the Super PAC Alissa Ko and their group spokesperson Seth Bringman.

The three met with leaders from labor and politics, as well as with activists in the primary state that is first to vote. On January 25, the three will also make a trip to the state of Iowa to meet with leaders there.

The organization, in a prepared statement, stressed that a great deal of the haul made in fundraising had come from a large number of donations that were low-dollar.

The Super PAC believes that it has now received more contributors that all of the other super PAC’s for the presidency combined. A statement from the group said the contributions were for as little as $1 to the voluntary maximum donation for the group of $25,000. The overall average for all of the 33,000 contributions was $83, with 98% of all contributions being $100 or less.