Over 16 years have passed since the White House scandal involving Monica Lewinsky. The intern at the White House, who was 22 years of age, is now a 40 year old who keeps a low profile.

Former President Bill Clinton, once embattled, has assumed a role as a global philanthropist and speaker. Hillary Clinton, the scorned former first lady is a former U.S. Senator, former U.S. Secretary of State and a potential presidential candidate in 2016.

Nevertheless, it is difficult of late to escape the 1990s scandal that rocked Washington and led to the impeachment of Clinton.

It seems the Republican Party, in response to attacks saying they are waging war on females, is repeatedly recalling the indiscretions that took place in the Clinton White House. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky said that Clinton took advantage of the young Lewinsky and that it was predatory behavior.

On Monday, a conservative site on the Internet, The Washington Free Beacon, released a large number of documents from the years the Clinton’s were in the White House that Diane Blair, a friend of the former first lady had and who died in 2000.

The Blair documents include entries in her diary based upon conversation she had with Hillary Clinton, letters that were kept in University of Arkansas archives where Blair was a political science professor and her own private memos.

The documents reveal how the former first lady dealt with the different setbacks during her tenure in the White House. There is information about her struggles to pass an overhaul on healthcare and the problems with journalists who Clinton described as possessing large egos and no brains.

Clinton said to Blair in one of their talks during 1996 that she knew she should suck up more to the press. She added that she was used to being a winner and doing it on her own terms.

The newly released papers underscore the deep tensions that Clinton contained through her reaction to the infidelities of her husband.

The former first lady, who by most, was viewed as a women’s equality champion, did not see the behavior of her husband toward Lewinsky as being exploitation.

She called Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.” Blair recalled that comment from a conversation with Clinton in 1998. Hillary, no matter what anyone said, thought it was inappropriate behavior yet consensual and was not actual sex within the real meaning of that word, wrote Blair.