On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz started a new phase in the race for the 2016 presidency when he officially declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination setting the stage for a battle amongst other members of the GOP eager to take the White House back.

Saying in a speech on Monday at Liberty University that he believed the millions of conservatives in the U.S. were ready to rise up and vow to restore our promise of America. He said that was why he was announcing today that he was running for president.

The remarks by Cruz indicated he was intent on putting himself in the position of champion of the religious conservatives. He started his speech recounting the history of his parents, noting that Rafael his father fled Cuba and left Cruz initially with just his mother in Canada before his conversion to Christianity in Texas.

Rafael Cruz, who is now a well-known pastor in Texas, said following his son’s speech that he did outstanding.

Cruz also touched on many issues that figure to be appealing to the conservative audience from same-sex marriage to Israel, to Obamacare. The speech by Cruz came on Obamacare’s 5-year anniversary.

He said imagine that in 2017 a new president that signs legislation that repeals the entire Obamacare law.

The center where Cruz spoke was almost full for his announcement. Cruz made his bid official last night at midnight with a tweet that said he was running for president.

His decision to be a candidate was reported throughout Sunday by different news organizations.

While the Senator for Texas considers himself a conservative who is full spectrum who appeals to everyone in the GOP, he is sending out a clear message that with his venue choice he wants to compete for the religious conservative vote.

Cruz is a freshman senator from Texas and one of several favorites of the Tea Party hoping to be the standard bearer for the party who can erase the hurt from the defeats by first John McCain and most recently Mitt Romney.