President Barack Obama Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama offered a long critique of the different members of the GOP running to replace him in the White House, describing them as troubling to the people around the world. He said that Donald Trump would not make a serious president.

Speaking during a news conference from California following a summit with Southeast Asian countries, Obama criticized the positions Republican candidates have taken on Muslims in the U.S., immigration and climate change.

There is not any candidate in the GOP primary that thinks the U.S. should do something related to climate change. He called that a big problem as the rest of the world wonders how that could be.

Obama said Trump was not the sole Republican who concerned him, but he singled out the billionaire as one who would be unprepared for all the responsibilities that the Oval Office holds.

Obama said being the president is a very serious job and it is not like hosting a reality or talk show. It is not about promotion, added the president.

He added that Trump was saying in way that was more interesting what other GOP candidates were also saying. He might up the anti-Muslim ante, but if you listen to what the other candidates are say, they are quite troubling as well.

Without mentioning Marco Rubio from Florida by his name, Obama noted that one GOP candidate had once been a supporter of a bill that was bipartisan that overhauled immigration but now was running from that as quickly as possible.

Trump, later Tuesday said from South Carolina that he considered what had been said by Obama about him to be a form of compliment. He said that Obama has done such a poor job, and has set the country back so far.

When asked, Obama weighed in on Hillary Clinton as well as Bernie Sanders. He said both agree on many things and both disagree almost 100% on what Republicans are saying.