President Trump Thought Being President Would Be Easier

Reflecting on his first 100 days as the U.S. President that has seen no big legislative victory and very low approval ratings, Donald Trump said during a Thursday interview that he thought his job as president would be easier.

Trump said he loved his previous life and had many things that were taking place, but this (presidency) is much more work that his previous life and he thought it would be much easier.

Later Trump added that he does miss his old life with the presidency being more work for him.

Trump said as well that he misses his freedom that existed prior to the presidency, a sentiment that is often expressed by occupants of the Oval Office who are instantly thrown into the White House security bubble.

Trump said that while he did not have much privacy previously, before he became president since he has been very famous for such a long time, being president is even less private and something that he had never experienced prior to now.

He called it all very amazing, because even though there is little privacy you exist in a cocoon because of the massive security that does not allow freedom to go anywhere.

Trump also admitted that he was surprised with the complexity of some issues he has encountered during the brief 100 days he has office thus far.

During February, he appeared exasperated about the complexity of the healthcare laws in the U.S., which he vowed he would reform as part of his goal to scrap all of the Affordable Care Act or commonly called Obamacare.

Trump told his interviewer that the subject is unbelievably complex and nobody knew how complicated healthcare could really be.

Trump marveled as well at intricacies of geopolitics of the peninsula where North and South Korea are located. He said that President Xi Jinping of China was happy to give him tutoring on the subject.

After 10 minutes of listening, Trump said he realized it was not so easy.

He felt quite strongly that China held tremendous power and control over North Korea. However, he added it was not what most would think.

With Trump’s healthcare plan being scrapped and a number of his executive orders being blocked by judges, it appears the start to his presidency is not as successfully as he had hoped it would.